Friday, August 22, 2014

We're Pack (new tattoo!)

That's right, I have a new tattoo! I designed a simple Teen Wolf inspired tattoo awhile back that me and Sue wanted to get before going to Howlercon and last night she showed up at my place with a friend of ours and went to get them! We went to an awesome shop a few towns over from where I live and they were excellent there. They kept the place open a bit late for us and their work is fantastic. Plus the prices are great, together me and Sue's only cost $170, which is pretty awesome when you're relatively broke.

Mine is small and behind my right ear. It surprisingly didn't really hurt to get -it just felt like scratching. Because it's by my ear though I think I heard the buzzing from the needle for a good solid 2 hours after he finished.

Sue's in her neck and is bigger than mine. It looks excellent:

My beautiful new #TeenWolf pack tattoo! Designed by my beautiful beta and best friend of 12 years punkhale
Getting this tattoo means the absolute world to me, as does the woman I chose to get it with. And I will tell you why.
I was not raised with a loving family. My mother has never been supportive of any of my decisions or the people I care for, and my father spends a great deal of his time intoxicated. I don’t know anyone outside of my immediate because my mother has actually driven them away. 
But I choose who my family is, and thats what my pack is to me, a chosen family. And I know shit is hard for me right now, and getting a tattoo was not the best decision financially. However, it was the best decision for me. To remind me of who in this world is the best for me, and so my dearest and  most beloved friend can always remember that I trust her, that I have faith in her, and that I will always be there for her. 
I look forward to watching my other beloved pack members, Jennie and my brother, add this to their lives as well. 
I’m not going back. I’m moving forward with my pack. 
And thats how I’m going to get the fuck through this. 

We're both so happy to have gotten them as they mean a lot to us on top of just looking cool. Sue and I are family -we're pack. We've known each other for 12 years and I've never had a friend quite like her. And even though we fight and sometimes we don't talk, we always make our way back to each other. We've been through just about everything together and I look forward to a long life with this lady by my side.

And now we have two matching tattoos so we're pretty well stuck together.



  1. Excellent! They look great! :) One of my best friends (more like my twin) and I are designing brotats.

    1. Thanks! A lot of people warn against matching tattoos but I think with the right person they just help strengthen a bond :)


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