Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Back on Track

Hello lovely readers! This is me today, in case you were wondering. I was bored and decided some fiddling with my crappy webcam was in order while wishing I had a nice camera to take photos with. Quick story: I had a pretty nice digital camera that my mother got me for Christmas awhile back but after about 6 months it mysteriously went missing and I have not been able to find it since. I tore apart my room several times trying to locate it but no luck. It was quite sad.
But anyways, because I don't have a nice camera (anymore) I am stuck using my phone or webcam. So I apologize for the poor quality. I'm hoping a nicer picture-taking device comes into my life again soon.

Anyways, the name of this entry is called Getting Back on Track for a reason! Not because I think I have been slacking on this blog -I haven't even had it for that long. It more refers to life in general. I am a college student, and as students are wont to do, I have become really lazy lately. And I haaaaate being lazy. But today I got up, went to class and am determined to not just sit around all day like I did yesterday and the day before. Actually I am quite excited because I am suppose to go stargazing tonight with some friends which will be a nice change from just looking at the inside of my dorm room all night. Not that I don't like my room, because I do. It's very homey and I have an awesome roommate

On another note, one pertaining to this blog, I was thinking about doing themes for different days. I wouldn't be able to post something every single day, but I was thinking it would be nice to, on particular days, post things specific types of entries. I know a lot of people do this, including Hipporacle which is one of my favourite blogs on the web. I don't want to copycat anyone of course, that is not my intention. But I was thinking that of this as a general structure: 
Spiritual Sundays where I will take the time to discuss witchy or just plain spiritual type things. I might share a spell or meditation with you or just ramble on about one of my favourite deities.
Musical Mondays where I share some of the music I've been listening to; bands, songs, videos, the like.
Tumblr Tuesdays would give me a chance to share some awesome things I have found via Tumblr in the past week or so as well as post some blogs on there that I think are worth checking out.
Wordy Wednesdays would be a day where I would post a piece of my own writing, whether that be poetry, a piece from my novel or just random pieces.
Thoughtful Thursdays where I make a post about something that is on my mind and discuss it at length a little bit. This could be controversial topics or just ramblings about anything.
Food Fridays would give me a chance to share something like a recipe, a restaurant experience or anything related to food that other people might find interesting.
And lastly Stylish Saturdays where I might post my outfit for the day, any cool fashion-related things I find online or even one of my latest thrift store finds.
Thoughts? Opinions? Again, I wouldn't be able to do every one of these every week but I thought it would be a nice thing to do every now and then and it might help to give my blog some consistency. Otherwise I might just end up all over the place on here and I want to try to avoid doing that. I am scatterbrained enough as it is.

Lady Unlaced

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