Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Oh-So-Exciting First Post!

It is indeed time; this blog has been sitting here untouched for a few weeks and I decided it was about time that I finally grace the page with an actual post. I was going to sooner but I got frustrated with the site because it won't let me upload a profile photo. The problem has still not been resolved, unfortunately, but I give up trying at this point. So we'll just pretend there is a lovely photo of my face.

Anyways, hello to all of you reading this! If that is anyone at all. I suppose I can do this properly and introduce myself. Some of you probably know me from tumblr as ladyunlaced -I've had a blog on that site for almost a year and a half now and have gained quite a few followers in that time whom are all lovely! So if you know me from there you also probably know that I am a college student, 21 years young,  studying English Literature and that I have a wide taste in things like books, music, movies, television, etc. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd a dedicated Plague Rat. I am also a solitary eclectic witch. Oh yes, a witch indeed! I am self-taught and have been studying different pagan and witch traditions since I was about 13 years old. I do not identify with any particular path, instead choosing to create my own. 

I am also a writer. Everybody is these days, aren't they? :) But really, I am. I am an aspiring urban fantasy novelist who also dabbles in poetry and a few short stories. The poetry is pretty terrible but I am quite proud of the rest of it. I have been writing since I was very little and I honestly can't imagine doing anything else with my life. And, of course, with my love of writing comes my love of reading. I am an avid reader! I own tons of books and am perfectly content to just get lost in them all day. There is not much I love more in the world than books paired with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

So that's me in a nutshell essentially. I have recently decided to try my hand at "real" blogging rather than just spamming my tumblr incessantly -hence this blog's creation. No worries, my tumblr is not going anywhere! I love it far too much. However, I will be trying to keep this page updated with some more personal things. Expect: random bits about my life, some witchy stuff I may choose to share, scraps of my writing, posts where I rant on about my opinions, and probably random picture updates and maybe even a video every now and then! Really this is just a personal page with no real rhyme or reason. I don't have a theme or a real goal for this blog other than to share my life with people. So I would hugely appreciate any readers. Thanks for stopping by!

Lady Unlaced

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