Friday, November 30, 2012

November in Review

It has been a long and interesting month. My life has been shifting and soon I will be finished with college for the semester and moving away from this city. I am happy about that. It drains me to be here -the air is gross and the people are mostly creepy. I am sick of the sirens, the gunshots, the 2am fights, and my bathroom smelling of weed because of the downstairs neighbors. 

As for my November goals, I think I have done pretty well:

Stay on top of my school work.
Write something for the to submit to the school literary journal.
Update the shop.
Finish organizing the house.
Start researching dreadlocking!

Although I could definitely be working harder on staying on top of my classwork, I haven't fallen too far behind. Considering how much I have and how much I hate going to class recently, I think I'm doing pretty good.

I do have something to submit to the school literary journal and will probably be emailing it off to the editor today or tomorrow!

I updated the shop! (You should go check out what I have for sale)

I did not finish organizing the house -I did some of it, but seeing as we are all leaving soon it seemed silly to waste too much effort in it.

And I did indeed start to research dreadlocking and as of today I haven't brushed my hair in almost a month!

Not too shabby. Check back tomorrow for my December Goals :)

Lady Unlaced

Thursday, November 29, 2012


This is more like a journal entry than some of my other posts.

Things are moving beneath my feet. Life is shifting and the world has broken apart and reformed in a new pattern around me. It's strange. Nothing looks the way it did a year ago. It's not bad -not at all. Things end and begin all the time. The cycles of my life are no exception.

I feel like I'm waking up, as if I am stirring from a long sleep. My eyes are not fully open yet but they are getting there. I see things through half-lids and yet the world already seems brighter. I don't have distinct direction but I have never felt better about what is to become of me.

It's weird. I am late on graduating college, but that doesn't bother me. I am not moving to a big city with lots of writing job opportunities, but that doesn't bother me either. I intend to go home -to be back in the area of the state that I grew up in. I never thought I would come to a point in my life where I would want to be closer to my family and to see the familiar streets I walked in my juvenile years. Thinking about it blows my mind. Am I even the same person? Not at all. How freeing.

I have been writing more these days. Mostly small bits of poetry and personal prose, but I have been plugging away at my novel as well. And I am always writing for class -I have been doing a series of short memoirs for my Seminar class that have been therapeutic. I might submit one to the school literary journal. Or a poem.

I am not trying to be anything anymore. I am. I exist.

Life will unfold as it does from here.

Lady Unlaced

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Transformation // A Poem

You may have noticed that I have been doing my "Wordy Wednesdays" I just haven't been calling them that. To continue on with it, here's a strange poem I wrote yesterday.

Transformation of a Something
I rise 
From ashes, or whatever
I feel like a beautiful metaphor
I'm just a girl waking up
But this girl doesn't have much
And standing on her own feels like heaven
And staring at the sky
Is an incredible relief
After being lost in the mud
I'm not taking anyone's hand
I am climbing out on my own
And only going into open arms
After finding my footing
It's a stunning transformation of soul
I am something
A wandering something
It doesn't matter to anyone but me
It's whatever, whatever
It feels like a majestic sunrise
It's just a white girl rolling off the right side of the bed
For once
Soon life will be filled with "onces"
Once I was cornered
Once I was so miserable I almost died
Once I had a mohawk
Moving on never felt so fucking refreshing
It's a small thing
It's the biggest thing I've ever done
Who is that in the mirror?
That's me
My face attached to my body
It's whatever
But I'm smiling
That's something.

Lady Unlaced

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Lot's of lovely things this week. I hope you enjoy them!

Lady Unlaced

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life Lately

First two are twitter pictures, last two are webcam shots.

1. Some outdoor adventures // 2. Decorated the wall above my desk // 3. My mom's adorable new kitten! // 4. Gratuitous Picture of Myself

Lady Unlaced

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Goodness!

I definitely have not ventured to a retail shop today -I avoid them like the plague on Black Friday. I hate being surrounded by an excess amount of people, and I prefer to buy my gifts for people on line. Preferably handmade goods.

So, if you're like me and want to do some Black Friday shopping on the web, then take a peek at cool offers in awesome shops!

ReSeRvEd LiStInG for Nancy StoneMixed Small Keys Necklace
LadyLocksCreations is offering free shipping on all orders for today only!
Use code BLKFREE23 at the checkout!

Rooster Feather EarringsMiniature Goddess Gaia Bottles
ForestGypsyCreations has been offering 30% on all order for the entire month of November (which is really awesome) so you should definitely take advantage of that!
Use code NOVEMBERSALE at checkout!

camille.  a long boho suede and feather necklace.aurora.  a lunar wild woman talisman necklace.
Roots&Feathers is offering 20% off your entire order until Monday -this shop has some really beautiful pieces and this is a great deal.
Use code BLACKNUMBERONE at checkout!

Aaaaand finally:
lilah. turquoise pentacle necklace (witchy, pagan, wiccan, pentagram, stone, howlite)serafina. black moonstone necklace (wire-wrapped, leather, magick, witchy, pagan)
I am still offering 15% of your order in MY SHOP and any order placed now through Monday will receive a free gift, which could be another piece of jewelry, a crystal, or something else! Take advantage!
Use code FALL12 at checkout!

Happy shopping!

Lady Unlaced

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!


I hope that everyone gets to eat delicious food and spend some time with their families and other loved ones! And since it is thanksgiving, I thought this would be a great day to give a list of some of the things I am grateful for recently.

Blogger & Etsy friends!
Pen & paper to ease my soul.
Cuddling with my kitty while I do homework.
Phone conversations with people I love (mom!)
The infinite possibilities and potential for the future.

What are you grateful for today?

Lady Unlaced

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Soul Stirrings // A Poem (Air)

My last soulful poem was about fire; this one is about air.

The wind picks up, whipping my hair wildly around my eyes,
It pushes against my limbs;
I can feel it trying to sweep me off my feet.
But not to take me away to a magickal fairy tale life.
It is testing my balance.
Energy is spinning, creating a black tornado
Flinging around the debris of life.
It is aimed right at me.
I can feel feathers push their way from my fingertips.
My bones crack and reform;
A moment of pain that is quickly replaced by adrenaline.
I dive out of the way.
The hawk in me knows how to ride the wind gusts,
Flying against the tornado
And unraveling it into nothingness.
And when I reach the ground again
My talons are feet once more.
I take a slow steady breath.
The air is sweet in my lungs.
I can feel the breeze caressing my skin.
My storm has passed.

Lady Unlaced

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I am feeling wistful lately and all I want to do is get lost in the forest for a few hours.

Lady Unlaced

Monday, November 19, 2012


Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns

Come with me
Into the trees
We'll lay on the grass
And let the hours pass

Take my hand
Come back to the land
Lets get away
Just for one day

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone
Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Has nothing on this
You're breathing in fumes
I taste when we kiss

Take my hand
Come back to the land
Where everything's ours
For a few hours

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone
Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Let me hear you
Make decisions
Without your television
Let me hear you speaking
Just for me

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Let me hear you speaking
Just for me

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone let me hear you crying
Just for me

Lady Unlaced

New stuff in the shop?

If you haven't browsed through my shop recently then you're probably not aware of the new section I added -vintage/thrift clothing! I am in the process of merging my storenvy shop and my etsy shop, just to make it easier on myself. There isn't much clothing listed now but expect more stock transfers soon, as well as (hopefully) some new things that have yet to be listed anywhere.

And here's just a quick peek at what you can find:
Purple Aztec/Tribal Print Tie Vest (s/m)

Awesome, right? I was tempted to keep this to myself but I knew I wouldn't wear it as much as another lovely lady might.

And remember, you can still get 15% off your order with code "FALL12"

Happy Monday everyone!

Lady Unlaced

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Curious

I recently befriended another super-cool, earthy-pagan type like myself. What's even more rad is that she is also a blonde New Englander. A blonde east coast pagan who loves the feel of dirt in her toes as much as I do? Hell yes I can get behind that.

Aaanyways, she also runs an Etsy shop called Forest Gypsy Creations where she sells lots of fun jewelry made of bones, feathers, and pieces of leather, as well as curiousity collections in various glass jars and wooden boxes. I fell in love instantly and purchased a lovely jar filled with moss, bones, feathers, and crystals, as well as a small hand-drawn piece of pagan art. I got both in the mail recently and couldn't be more thrilled!

sorry about the terrible webcam photos, the camera needs new batteries and I am too lazy to go find some.

And because Anne is sooo nice, she also offered to trade with me so I could have a lovely pair of bones earrings that I had been coveting in return for a necklace from my shop. The earrings have yet to arrive but hopefully they will soon and I can share those as well.

In the meantime check out her shop and her tumblr page, which is also amazing.

Lady Unlaced

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life Lately

So I know lots of bloggers share snapshots of their lives through their instagram pictures on their blog and I wanted to do something similar. Not the same thing though as I do not have instagram -that would require a fancy smart phone, which I am too poor to have. Buuuut I do have a collection of photos that I upload to twitter pretty regularly, so I thought I would share those!

Here's my life lately in twit pics:
1. Eli being cute // 2. Cooking dinner! // 3. Enjoying some nice weather on the porch. Blue sky! // 4. Getting ready for work and feeling pretty good about my eye makeup and new jacket/sweater

Something I should do more often? Let me know!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lady Unlaced

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday!


love this x



Green-eyed One - Caturday (Photo by El G.)


Lots of beautiful stuff this week. Lately forests, women in high-waisted lingerie, and beautiful animal pictures have been speaking to me.

Lady Unlaced

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Style Obsession // Leggings

My last style obsession post was about harem pants, of which I now have a pair of that I got off ebay but I could definitely use some more. But my current obsession is definitely leggings. They are just so comfortable and they look great with pretty much anything. I have been wearing a pair with an oversized sweater and fuzzy socks almost every other day for the past two weeks. So I thought I would share a few pairs of leggings that I have currently and ones I'm lusting after. 

First and foremost, my very lovely Noctex leggings!
These are the leggings I wore for my Demon costume this past Halloween. I absolutely love them. They are beyond comfy and they are high-waisted enough that I am not worried about them falling down. Plus, they just look bad ass, right? Right.

I also have these awesome leggings. (Not pictures of me, sorry!)
Galaxy leggings from ebay. Sunset leggings from Romwe.

I also have two pairs of comfy ankle-length leggings from Forever21.

Aaaand I am expecting these lovelies from Romwe:
Classic Gold Velvet Wine-red Leggings

I have more but they're just solid-coloured leggings mostly from random places. My love for leggings has pretty much skyrocketed since I thrifted a few pairs and once I realized how comfy they were I was hooked.  A lot of the times I am too lazy to put together a really nice outfit, at least lately I am. Leggings are the perfect solution. They look great and you don't have to wear real pants! Haha.

Anyways, here are a few pairs that I am currently wishing would magickally appear in my closet:
Romantic Kiss Print Leggings 3 Sneaky Cats Womens Black Leggings Capri Style
Velvet leggings with ornaments

I may or may not have a leggings-problem. Shhh... 

Lady Unlaced

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