Sunday, September 30, 2012

September in Review

I feel like September has gone on forever and zipped on by all at once. I managed some of the goals I made for myself back at the beginning of the month, although I wish I had accomplished more. It's been hectic here though. I really hope October is better.

Find balance between work, classes, and my other responsibilities. 
Finish reading City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.
Finish chapter 8 of my novel, Runaway.
Update my etsy shop at least once.
Spend time with friends who are returning to campus.

Finding balance is italicized because I only half managed it. I've had good weeks and bad weeks with it. I'm getting more class work as the semester progresses so I suppose I'll have to re-balance things again.

I did finish reading City of Lost Souls, finally! Sooo good, I love The Mortal Instruments series. Yes, I am a lame teenager when it comes to my books sometimes.

I didn't finish writing chapter 8 of my novel. No excuse, I dropped the ball on this.

I did update my shop! A couple of times! Go check it out, there's a sale going on right now. 15% off any order with code "FALL12" at checkout.

Aaand I did not spend as much time with friends as I would have liked. I really need to work on that and not go into recluse-mode as the temperature drops.

I feel indifferent about this past month to be honest. It could have been better but it also could have been worse. But October is tight around the corner and that's my favourite month! Halloween is the best!

Lady Unlaced

Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Your Spirit Animal & Channeling Their Power

What is a spirit animal? A spirit animal can also be referred to as a power animal or animal guide. The concept of a spirit animal has roots in Shamanistic traditions with the belief that every person has an animal that they have a connection with. That animal embodies their connection to life and their personality.

Finding your spirit animal is not usually very hard. If you already feel a strong connection to a certain animal then there's a good chance that is your spirit animal. Mine is a white tiger -I never had to go searching to figure that out though. I have known from a young age, having always felt a connection to their feline power and grace. When I was introduced to the concept of having an spirit animal I knew right away that a tiger was mine, and specifically a white tiger. I have had the companionship of the tiger spirit and energy for years and it has never steered me wrong. 

If you don't already feel a connection to an animal then there a few simple ways you can go about uncovering  what your guide is. Meditation is the most straight forward way. If you're not familiar with how to meditate then I recommend this article although you should remember that the process can be different for everyone. What works for someone else may not work for you so it's best to experiment. The most important part is that you be relaxed and undisturbed. You can light incense, play music, or whatever else helps you get into the right state of mind.

Start your meditation, slipping into a calm state of being. Keep your breathing even. Once you have blocked out the physical plain you can start exploring the metaphysical one. Try to focus on discovering your animal -will them to show themself to you. It may not happen immediately, but you have to be patient. 

When you do come across your guide you may be surprised at what it is. No animal is ruled out and it could even be some sort of insect or bug, like a butterfly or spider. Try to interact with them. What does that animal represent to you? Are they powerful? Adaptive? Protective? Feel free to ask them questions or ask them to help strengthen you in certain  ways. Whatever feels liked the right thing to do.

I know it's not a very guided meditation, but finding your spirit animal this way is not going to be the same for every person who tries it. The metaphysical plain is a fluid and ever-changing thing and everyone experiences it in a different way. I believe in letting the energy flow and seeing where it takes you, but if you would like a more guided meditative approach then check out this one on Mookychick. At the bottom of the article there is also a short but helpful list of some common guides and what they represent.

Once you have discovered your spirit animal you can start building a relationship with them. Get figurines or statues of them to put up around your house, infusing them with the energy and wisdom of your animal. Hang up pictures of them as well as research about their characteristics, where they live, and what they eat. Get a pendant shaped like them. Whatever you feel like doing that will make you feel more connected.

As you build your bond with them you can also call on them to help you in your magickal endeavors as well. A lion can add strength, an owl can lend wisdom, a dolphin can increase happiness. If you think your animal can aid you in a spell then call on them during your rite and ask for their help. Chances are they are more than willing to be of service and can give your spell an extra power boost.

Protection is also another thing your spirit animal can help you with. If you keep a close bond to them then you can ask for their protection, over you and your home. Just make sure to thank them often and show your gratitude. Remember that your spirit animal is their to help you but that you are not entitled to that service. 

Good luck finding your animal!

Lady Unlaced

Other Useful Links:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interior Inspirations II

I dream about home decor a lot, almost as much as I dream about clothes, haha. Hey, at least I admit to it! I always have ideas and images floating around in my head for both and pinterest really feeds the decor-loving part of me. The site is full of neat pictures and cool ideas. I wish I had the money to do a total re-haul of my apartment. I'm not sure my housemates would appreciate it much, but a girl can dream!

The Mama Earth Project: AUTUMN EQUINOX - BALANCE

Strawberry Freckleface: ◎ ◯ BEACH UNIVERSE ◯ ◎

india, bohemian bed

Each picture is a link to their respective source.

I'm really digging everything about that bed, especially those pillows. I don't have nearly enough decorative throw pillows in my life.

Lady Unlaced

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I am having a small sale over at Unlaced Shop of (he)ART! I'm not sure how long I am going to leave it running for, so snatch up what you want quickly!

Use the code "FALL12" to get 15% off your entire order!

This is some of the stuff I have listed right now, but keep your eyes peeled for more.

Fire Dancer Necklace -Stone, Beaded, Tiger's Eye, Crystal, Vial, Magick, Pagan, Witch

Turquoise Pentacle Necklace (Witchy, Pagan, Wiccan, Pentagram, Stone, Howlite)

Wire-Wrapped Quartz Point Pendant

Bright Pentacle Earrings -Howlite, Pentagram, Witchy, Wiccan, Star, Stone, Pink, Green, Turquoise, Pagan

I hope you all are having a great day! And oh, before I forget, I will definitely be making a post on spirit animals sometime soon.

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Tuuumblr Tuuuesday + Spirit Animals?

:D :D :D


What’s your cup size?
Tea time just got a whole new meaning.


You have probably noticed by now that I have a serious thing for tigers. I mentioned my love for them before I believe. They are my favourite animal and well as my spirit animal. Spirit animals/guides is a topic I was hoping to post on soon, would anybody be interested in that? It would probably include a simple way to find your own spirit animal and how interacting with them and strengthening your bond with them can be useful.

And even if you're not the witchy type, it would be cool to know, right?

Have a great Tuesday!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

School + Work + Life

It's Monday again and I am currently sitting in front of my computer in my pajamas with my coffee, putting off my shower in hopes that I can some how delay going to class. This is how I am just about every morning before my classes or going to work. Eventually I'll drag myself up and finish getting ready for the day, but I wish I could take the peacefulness of the morning and stretch it out for hours.

typography print art quote saying graphic black white 8x10 motivational home decor humorous mondays
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As you may be able to tell, I am not a very enthusiastic student. I used to be -sort of- but now that I am in my 9th semester of college I'm feeling pretty bored with the whole thing. I can't wait to get my degree and be done. Don't get me wrong, I love my major (English Lit!) but there are only so many analytic papers on word choice and theme that a girl can write.

I feel similar about work. I have only had my job for about two months but I'm already looking for something new. Being a cashier just isn't for me. It's mentally and physically draining. By the end of my shifts my arms and back hurt. Plus, I don't enjoy the 2.5 miles I generally walk to get there if I can't hitch a ride off of someone. 

Settling is not really my thing. Instead of just accepting my crappy job I have been scouring the internet for online writing jobs that will pay just as well. So if you know if any, you should send them my way!

Anyways, I think I'm kind of just rambling. My week hasn't even started yet and I want it to be over. I just want more time for myself and my writing. I really just want to spend my days writing my novel, making jewelry, reading, hooping, and playing with cats. And of course cuddling with my boyfriend.

But for now I will trek on through the week, sitting through class and going to work. 

How is your Monday?

Lady Unlaced

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Link Love

I figured since I do Tumblr Tuesday every week and share images I've found and love, that it might be nice to  share some links to things other than pictures. Sound good? Hopefully you can find something interesting off the list!

Some blogs I'm currently really digging.

Online shops that I'm currently drooling over.
I love this piece!

I have been admiring this piece for awhile.

Motivation & Inspiration
What gives YOU the authority? // "Through our side-winding exploration of angels + archetypes + oracles, I was reminded that true Authority isn’t something that can be bestowed upon you by somebody else."

The Secret to Productivity That No One Wants to Hear // "Sometimes the best way to be effective and productive while working at home is to simply get your head down, put on those blinders and get to work!"

I hope you've enjoyed clicking through!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Autumnal Equinox

Today is the fall equinox -the first day of Autumn. I couldn't be happier. I love summer -the shorts, sunshine, beach trips, and flip flops- but autumn is my favourite season. It's the most beautiful month, especially in New England. It would be nice if it lasted longer but I'll take what I can get. And with the autumn season going into full swing that means the rise of Halloween decorations in stores and getting into the spooky spirit. I realize Halloween is still over a month away but it's my favourite holiday and I can't help but get anxious for it.

Anyways, the Autumn Equinox is a lovely holiday for me and my fellow witches. It's not as huge an event as Yule or Samhain (Halloween) but the change of seasons are always a thing to be celebrated. This change of season from summer to fall is called Mabon in the witchy world. It is a harvest holiday and in the Wiccan tradition (keep in mind I am not Wiccan) it marks the deterioration and death of the Horned God who will eventually be reborn again of the Goddess in the spring. 

Mabon is a time of being grateful and giving thanks and is often celebrated with a feast of some sorts.

The Harvest Goddess - Mistress Of Mabon
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Good altar decorations for witches on Mabon include things like a pomegranate (remember the Persephone and Hades myth? -this would be the time of year she would return to the Underworld), autumn leaves, acorns, and pine cones. Anything that reminds you of Autumn is usually a good idea. Mini pumpkins are a personal favourite of mine, I like to keep them on my altar as well as around the house.

Check out this page for more info on Mabon and a list of links for history, traditions, crafts, and food.

Lady Unlaced

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sacred Life


Live that way
Every. Single. Moment. This one. The last one. The next one. The one 5 years from now.

There is not a single moment in your life that is not sacred, that is not special and important. it's important to live as if every second of your life is precious -because it is. Don't bog down your existence with unnecessary hatred, unhappiness, or apathy. Take every chance to live it up, be positive, and embrace the good in life.

Lady Unlaced

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monster High: Spectra Vondergeist

I meant to make this post some time last week but I totally forgot. Whoops! Anyways, my latest Monster High doll came in awhile back and she is beaaaautiful! She is definitely one of my favourites yet. Check her out.

Isn't her hair beautiful? I love the two different shades of purple. And I adore that her hands and feet turn transparent, very appropriate considering she's a ghost! And her little ghost ferret (Rheun) is so adorable! I'm happy to have her a part of my collection.

Lady Unlaced

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!



Not quite as much as usual but I've been pretty busy lately, not a whole lot of tumblr-time.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

I Am Grateful 9/17

Today I am immensely grateful for a few precious things in my life.

+One lovely year with my wonderful boyfriend. We celebrated our anniversary yesterday.
+The thoughtfulness of my other half, she keeps sending me writing job listings.
+The hot coffee next to me that is making the prospect of work and class more bearable.
+My expansive and opportunity-filled future.

Thanksgiving Decoration Banner, GRATEFUL, Rustic Kraft
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I am only 22 years old. I have so much time in this world, so many opportunities to do things I love, experience new things, write my novels, publish my ideas, and spread love and good vibrations. I can go anywhere from here -I am young and free and I have so many choices. It's a beautiful feeling, knowing that I have so much available to me. 

I will not be a cashier forever. I refuse to be a cashier any longer than a year. I am  looking for alternative (writing) jobs write now. Today. Tomorrow. I will not put it off, nothing is going to just fall into my lap. I am grateful that I have the motivation to look and the support of my friends to help me look and give me encouragement.

What are you grateful for?

Lady Unlaced

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Book Recommendations Part 1

I like to read. Books are my solace and provide me windows into worlds I'd never have access to otherwise. Sounds cliche, I know, but everything they say about reading taking you to new places and expanding your mind is true. That's why they keep saying it.

Because of my love of books I decided to start posting some book recommendations. Just a few per post, with a book title, cover image and a brief summary, that kind of thing. I'm not saying you should go out and buy it and read it and love it. My taste is not for everyone, but at least it gives you something to think about when you're at the library next or just aren't sure what your next read should be.

And I won't make a post about Harry Potter (this was a difficult decision to make) because everyone knows about it and I'm sure you've all made up your mind on whether or not to read it or not and your opinion on it. Personally, I love it. So so so much. I think everyone should read it. But anyways...

First book!

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

I read this book in high school and absolutely loved it. It's definitely weird, so if you're into strange distopian fiction you might enjoy this.
SummaryA viral catastrophe has wiped out most of the human race, leaving genetically modified animals to roam the earth and Snowman struggling to survive. Through his flashbacks, we discover how he ended up alone in this dismal future, solely responsible for a strange tribe he calls the Crakers. (via Book Drum)

And secondly...

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

I could stop turning the pages of this book. Neil Gaiman never lets me down with his amazing writing and imaginative mind. Great character, well-developed setting and plot, and funny to boot. That is my kind of book for sure.

Summary: Richard Mayhew is a plain man with a good heart -- and an ordinary life that is changed forever on a day he stops to help a girl he finds bleeding on a London sidewalk. From that moment forward he is propelled into a world he never dreamed existed -- a dark subculture flourish in abandoned subway stations and sewer tunnels below the city -- a world far stranger and more dangerous than the only one he has ever known...Richard Mayhew is a young businessman with a good heart and a dull job. When he stops one day to help a girl he finds bleeding on a London sidewalk, his life is forever altered, for he finds himself propelled into an alternate reality that exists in a subterranean labyrinth of sewer canals and abandoned subway stations below the city. He has fallen through the cracks of reality and has landed somewhere different, somewhere that is Neverwhere. (via Amazon)

There you have it, two awesome books you should consider adding to your to-read list. Hopefully I can remember to make more of these posts. Remind me if I don't!

Lady Unlaced

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I went thrifting with my other half last week and scored some cool stuff. I went looking for jeans (most of mien don't fit or are in tatters) and hit the jackpot. I walked out with four super comfy pairs that look great. And three of them are acceptable for me to wear to work, double plus!

Seriously, in love with all of these.

Anyone else thrift anything cool recently?

Lady Unlaced

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: F21

Thought I'd do a Wishlist Wednesday post today instead of a Wordy Wednesday. I am hoping to do the latter next week though, hopefully I should a short piece in good shape to share with you all. 

Anyways, poking around Forever 21 is never a good idea. Or it is a phenomenal idea, I suppose it's how you look at it. But seeing as I'm broke most of the time, it's generally a bad idea. But regardless of whether it's a good or bad idea, here is what I have been drooling over.

I am in loooove with that skirt. 

Lady Unlaced

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!



Cat owners will understand


* valerieroybal

Yes, I know I share a lot of tiger pictures in these posts, haha. I just love them so much.

Lady Unlaced

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