Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

Tea of the Week: Chamomile. I drink it before I go to sleep to help knock me out essentially, otherwise I spend a lot of time tossing and turning.

Tumblr Finds

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Love this


This is so lovely. (source)

For some reason I find this hilarious. I laugh every time I look at it xD

Window Shopping
minimalist rustic raw Peacock Titanium Quartz ring with hammered patina copper  band-rustic colorful druzy ring-Rainbow  mineral ring
This delicate peacock ore ring is so beautiful!

Eco bamboo knicker leggings black jersey
I really dig these pants.

back to school , personalized teacher mug, Composition notebook, large 18 oz
This mug is perfect.

Reading List
1. Why Dressing Up is Not a Crime of Fashion -as someone who loves a good skirt or comfy dress I completely agree. Honestly, most of my "dressing up" is just what I consider normal clothes.
2. Gala Darling wrote a post about living your life by the moon that is definitely worth reading.
3. Absolutely backing up this thought catalog piece: 7 Things to Avoid If You Want to Be a Happy Person.

Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood. —Mary Rakow

Manda Rave


  1. OKAY, first of all, I haven't thought of drinking Chamomile tea before bedtime, and instead have been having Zzzquil. GOTTA try that! I can't have Sleepytime 'cause 'tis has Valerian.

    Second, I love, love, love that fox. <3 I've mentioned before, one of my spirit animals is a fox and I feel like a fox myself!

    Third, I love the banana bread picture. 'tis cracked me up. I don't know why it's so funny! I even showed Jen and she cracked up!

    Finally, I love the peacock ring but I NEED those pants! PERFECT steampunk pants, in my opinion!!! Gah!!!

    Oh and LOVE that quote. It's so true, when someone gets your very soul, in my case.

    1. Some pure chamomile tea knocks me out pretty quickly, I always recommend it :)
      I'm glad I'm not the only person dying over that text convo xD

  2. I love Tuesday Tea Time!

    1. That fox art has me enamored. I am slightly obsessed with foxes as of late.

    2. That text cracks me up. Sounds like a text between me and my husband.

    3. That first quote speaks directly to my heart. xo


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