Saturday, November 9, 2013

Writing away...

I am actually managing to keep up pretty well with Nanowrimo. I thought for sure I'd fall behind, and although I did briefly I caught up quickly and have been staying on track since. The month is still young of course, but I'm choosing to stay positive about it. The scenes are getting easier to write as I get further away from the beginning which is nice. The first few chapters will be a nightmare to edit later but that is a problem for my future self.

If you are interested in my Nanowrimo writing venture...

cover designed for the nanowrimo site

Maitland wasn’t the kind of girl who got doe-eyed over boys with nice hair and charming smiles. Maybe it was because she had never properly socialized with anyone her own age growing up, but she could never make sense of being infatuated with someone based on their looks. It wasn’t that she was closed to the idea of love –her parents had nursed her with a healthy idea of the concept. She believed in love and that it could be a very powerful force between two people. She didn’t believe that love spawned between two people just because one of them had cute dimples. Looks had never meant much to her. 
It was because of this, and partly because of his own insufferableness, that she found Nikandros’ steely blue eyes and devil-may-care smile so unnerving. And annoying. Who even had eyes that colour anyways?
Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! I am spending mine writing and catching up on my reading -my usual activities.

Manda Rave

p.s. Oh yeah! I saw Thor: The Dark World last night and loooved it. The Thor movies are my favourite of the Marvel films. The second was just as good as the first, plus is was so funny. I am always much more into movies if they can make me laugh, and this one definitely delivered on that front.


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