Monday, November 4, 2013


It's November, which means it's Nanowrimo time -National Novel Writing Month. I know a few of my readers are also participating this year, so good luck to you my dears! I am already a bit behind as I didn't write at all on Sunday because I had a hangover and didn't want to do anything except for watch Netflix and eat. Which is exactly what I did.

The night before said hangover -went to a party as Zoe Benson.
The novel I am working on is unique because of the way the ideas for it have come to me. Usually I get characters first and a general plot idea which I can then write a good first few chapters for. Then as I continue to write more characters develop, as does the story line and everyone's background. For this I got the setting first and ideas for minor characters. My main character and plot were some of the last things to come to me. And because everything came to me so backwards, I am also having a hard time with the beginning. Right now the scenes are kind of a mess and there isn't enough dialogue. Although this is in the beginning and it's not too bad...
Maitland grew up knowing two things for sure. One, she was a perfectly ordinary human girl. Two, her parents were perfectly ordinary human parents. It wasn’t until after her mother and father got sick and died when she started accidentally raising small rodents from the dead. It was then that she realized she might not actually know anything at all.
Right now I am just powering through it, writing what comes to me even though I'm not particularly satisfied with it. The first few chapters are going to need a lot of work. But editing comes later, and in the mean time I am just going to keep going until I get to the stuff I actually want to be writing -witty banter, accidental zombie raising, monster hunting, that kind of stuff.

I know I have been on-and-off with this blog lately. That will probably continue to be the case throughout November as I am focusing most of my attention on writing this novel, catching up on my reading, and dealing with my personal life. his space is very important to me, but I can't afford to put it first right now.

As always, thank you so much to my loyal readers, you guys are great and never fail to put a smile on my face.

Manda Rave


  1. I've always wanted to participate in Nanowrimo, way back to the good ol' days of LiveJournal, but have never had the courage...perhaps next year. I am so intrigued by your novel! I find power-writing is the best - edit later! Let the words flow as they come.

    The hat looks SMASHING, by the way!


    1. This is my first year doing it -I never had the time before because of school. Power-writing is really the only way I can get anything done, I just write and write and write and worry about the mess later.

      And thank you :D x

  2. I was telling my boyfriend about how awesome your novel sounds! I use Write or Die a lot for doing my writing, I know that if I stop for too long it will start flashing and making a siren noise at me so it keeps me going.

    1. Hopefully I can make it as awesome as it is in my head, haha. And that sounds like a pretty good motivator, I might try that today while I try to catch up

  3. Best of luck!! I'm doing NaNo too and having some trouble with it, to be honest. Your book sounds really interesting!

    1. Thank you! Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with yours. It can be pretty difficult. I've taken to just skipping over stuff I'm struggling with and leaving notes to come back to it later.


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