Monday, March 5, 2012

Mail Jackpot!

I went to check my mail today and got a ton of stuff! I got things from both my mom and my grandfather, as well as some awesome Nightwish stuff that I won from this lovely lady on tumblr. I also got in some evil eye beads I ordered and earring findings. And the boots I ordered are in! Hurrah!

Excuse the crap quality and the fact that this is a mirror picture, haha. I wanted to post pictures of the other stuff as well but my phone camera is being finicky, maybe another time.

Also another one of my Shebudgets posts went live today. You can check it out here. Every view and read helps so please go take a look! You can keep up with all my posts on that website by checking this page. I have another post scheduled for tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!

Plus, since I just got a bunch of new jewelry stuff, I will hopefully be making lovely new things for the shop soon. I have feathers and some neat tiger eye beads that I'm pretty excited about!

Hope you're all having a really great day.

Lady Unlaced

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