Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow and Shopping

It has been a weird winter in Massachusetts -usually we have multiple snow storms and are constantly trudging through slush and mud from November to the end of March. But this year we have just had our second snow storm, the first being all the way back around Halloween. So now this is what outside looks like:

I'm not very find of snow to be honest. Winter is always a difficult time of year for me; I don't do well in the cold and the snow always makes it worse. Cold and wet at the same time? No thank you. 

I've been trying to stay positive though, and some thrift store shopping I did the other day certainly helped. Just look at this awesomeness!

My boyfriend actually bought the plate for me, isn't is beautiful? I am in love. And I found the mug almost instantly upon venturing into the kitchen-ware section of Salvation Army. I love it so much! It really is slanted like that. I can't wait to try and drink tea from it. I'll probably dump it on myself a few times, haha.

I also dyed my hair! Dying my hair or getting a new cut/style always helps me feel better. I didn't do a drastic colour change though, just a nice strawberry blonde. Few people have actually even noticed I did anything to it.

And finally, the last bit of my therapy... new stones! As the witchy type, I love going to the New Age shop the next town over and picking through their tumbled stones. Yesterday I bought a lapis lazuli and howlite.

The picture really doesn't do them justice. The energies attached to each are good and they helped me calm down yesterday when I was feeling moody and over-stressed. I'm happy with them.

So tell me, do any of you like winter/snow? Leave me a comment :)

Lady Unlaced

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