Sunday, June 22, 2014

General Life Update

I just got back from a week with Sue, which was lovely as always. We actually went with some friends to go see Fall Out Boy in Hartford for their first show of the Monumentour. They played with New Politics and Paramore, and it was fantastic. We had lawn seats so I don't really have pictures, but if you ever get a chance to see Fall Out Boy live, do it. So worth it. Here's a crappy video of one of the songs, where you can't see anything but you can kind of hear them.

We also went thrifting on Wednesday, made dairy & sugar free ice cream in the blender out of eggs and coconut oil, watched a lot of paranormal tv, and dyed our hair. I'm a redhead now! And when I say red, I mean red. I still need a good picture of it, and it's already faded a bit since I did it, but this is how bright it was the day after:
It'll continue to fade out, probably to a nice orange-y colour, but I'm okay with that. Red never really sticks, especially on blonde hair. Mostly I was just bored and wanted something different. Plus, Sue was doing hers (she looks like a pastel unicorn) and I didn't want to be left out. 

But now I'm home again with Eli, who I missed very much. I only have about a week left of my first summer class and will be spending the next several days toiling away at a research paper and getting through the last bits of reading before my final exam. And then I will start all over again with my lit class. And then I will be done! And I will get my degree finally and be able to tell people I have a BA in English Lit. And no one will be particularly impressed with my ability to analyze Shakespeare except for myself. But that's life I suppose.

Teen Wolf season 4 also starts tomorrow which is very exciting because I am a hopeless fangirl who has lost control of her life in regards to fictional characters. So there's that.

I might also do Camp Nano in July and try to work on re-organizing one of my novels. I need to move the whole setting further south, switch the pov (again) and actually make it an alternating pov -so writing from two character's minds instead of just one. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to fit into one month while I'm also working on school, but we'll see. 

So that's it, that's life at the moment. I've been sucky about updating here again, but I'm trying. I have a few half written posts sitting in my drafts that I want to get to finishing soon if only I can keep the motivation going longer than five minutes. Fingers crossed.


edit: I also received books from this lovely lady that I meant to take pictures of but didn't because I am a lazy butt.


  1. I think you could totally do Camp Nano in July. I would happily do with you too! Private cabins are definitely a game changer
    I believe in you, and I know you can do anything you set your sassy mind to <3

    1. Thanks darling <3 I am definitely going to give it ago, maybe with a low-ish wordcount. 30k maybe. It'll be a lot of revision.


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