Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I gave myself a haircut

So I haven't actually cut my hair in ages, and the ends had gotten pretty damaged due to dyeing and whatnot. So last night I decided to take the manner into my own hands and chop it off. A lot of it.

Not very good pictures I know, sorry about that. I tried to take nice ones with my camera but I couldn't get them to come out right, got frustrated, and just settled on webcam pics for now. Hopefully I can get some better ones soon.

My hair feels seriously so much better though. I'll probably grow it out again but this is great for now, especially with the hot weather on it's way. Now I won't have to worry about clipping it up off my neck or getting super tangled when I go swimming.

As for the actual cutting part, that was a little scary, as I've never done a bob on myself before. I cut my own bangs and cut off my dead ends all the time by myself, but I took off at least eight inches. I watched a ton of different youtube videos though, gathered up my courage, grabbed the scissors, and jut went for it. The videos were helpful but a lot of it is just doing what feel right and trusting your instincts.

Despite being nervous I love cutting my own hair because I can just decide to make a change and then do it that same day. I cut this at 10 last night because I felt like it. It's a freeing experience. Plus, I didn't have to spend any money to have someone else do it for me. I haven't paid for a hair cut in about 7 years and I don't see a reason to start doing so now.



  1. It looks so super cute! Love it!


  2. Not gonna lie, now I'm really tempted to hack some of my hair off. But I've never done more than my bangs and my hairdresser would murder me. I don't think she ever got over me cutting my own bangs, even though she kept cutting them wrong. :/ She's an old family friend. BUT anyway your hair looks fabulous! :)

    1. Thank you!
      I've never really had a steady hairdresser ever in my life other than myself. I'm sure if I went to see one they'd be horrified xD My general response is "punk rock don't care" I'm a diy girl at heart


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