Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Words

It's a little late in the day, but it's been awhile since I did one of these so here we go...

from The Night Coven (an original novel)...
"Look at you, coming out of your little turtle shell," Fiona joked, pulling me towards the living room where most of the party seemed to be at. Now that we were inside I could feel the music thumping through the floorboards, punctuated by loud conversation and laughing. There had to be twenty people there, all dancing on top of each other and sprawled over the plush couches. 
"There's so many people here," I said to Fiona, looking around. Piper had dragged me to bigger parties, sure, but Dorian had said this was going to be relatively small. I had a feeling we had different ideas of what "small" was. Which Fiona only confirmed. 
"Oh this is nothing, it's still early."

from The Wolf Cycle (a Raven Cycle/Teen Wolf fanfic)...
Stiles Stilinski was not a psychic. He was tbd -to be determined. He had always been pretty determined he was a normal human with no special superpowers, but try telling the residents of 300 Moon Way that. 
Scott wasn’t psychic either, despite his impressive lineage. He wasn’t nothing though. Melissa called him an amplifier, heightening the powers of those around him. Stiles called him a battery and liked to put his cell phone on the other boys head and complain that it wasn’t working. This usually landed him a pillow in the face or a body thrown on top of him, catapulting them both onto the floor in a wrestling match.

from a Teen Wolf road-trip fic I am writing for a friend of mine...
 “Roswell? Really?” Isaac demanded, looking down at the list of places Stiles thought they should visit. It brought them as far as Texas and then looped back around to California, and was peppered with as many weird tourist attractions as he could find. 
“What, you don’t want to try to see some aliens?” 
“I’m looking at you right now, doesn’t that count?" 
Stiles shoved him into the side of the jeep, not exactly gently, but he was a werewolf, he could deal. 
“Fucking hell!” he swore, moving like he was going to push Stiles back, but Scott stepped between them. 
“I swear to god, if you cannot get along for five minutes we are going home.” 
“We can’t go home!” Stiles cried. “It’s my birthday month!” 
Scott rolled his eyes. “You don’t get a whole month for your birthday Stiles.” 
“What!? Don’t you love me?” 
“Unfortunately,” Isaac snorted. 

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