Saturday, July 6, 2013

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Oh Pinterest! A world of recipes I never have the ingredients for, pretty clothes I can't afford, and motivational graphics that kick my butt into gear. It's like a grown up tumblr, which I can totally get behind. So do you have an account? Are we following each other? We should be. :)

Some of my boards:

. Femme .

wyld womyn

Boho rústicas Low sofa in wooden cabin 

threads & adornments
Free People Border Print Highlow Slip Skirt Hippie Style ♥ ❥

wisdom & witticisms
  To seek perfection is to be a prisoner of your own judgment. Perfection doesn’t exist. Release yourself to see life as a grand adventure and an experiment. 

What's your pinterest url? What do you pin the most? Please do share!

Manda Rave

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