Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pinterest Birthday

I'm not having a birthday party or anything like that, but I thought I would share some fun birthday ideas and birthday-related stuff that I found on pinterest for the fun of it.

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This cake looks divine
Chocolate gold cake pops
I love the idea of pretty little cake pops.
paper cup fairy light garland
I love this garland made from string lights.
This is the perfect set up for a birthday tea party!
Chalkboard dipped wine glasses - what a fantastic idea!
Such a cool idea for wine glasses so everyone can keep track.

My birthday is tomorrow and none of the above stuff is happening, but that's okay. The pictures are still fun. With any luck I might see my mom and do something with her and then probably spend the night with the man I love, my kitty, and some wine.

Manda Rave


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