Friday, July 26, 2013

Elemental Connection: Earth

It has taken waaay to long for me to post this. My last elemental posts were months ago. I don't have much an excuse either, only that, to me, this is the most important of the four and I have been feeling spiritually disconnected lately. It's been an up and down journey with my soul this year. I feel like I owe so much to Earth and I have been afraid of messing up my words about this sacred element. Which is completely ridiculous, but there it is.

Earth is the grounding element. It is beneath our feet and it springs up in the plants and animals around us. It is the home that supports all the other elements and gives us solace and comfort and the ever infinite Universe. My rising sign is Virgo, an earth sign. It's the only astrological connection I have to this element, and yet I feel the resonance of earth deep within my bones.


cypress forest by jody miller
Personally speaking...
I feel the most at home in the woods, my bare feet sunk into the dirt, collecting rocks and twigs and breathing in the rich forest air. I love to go camping simply for the chance to spend an extended time outside, sleeping close to the earth and listening to the sounds of the life that she supports. It's an incredible feeling.

There is something incredibly wild and primal about connecting with earth. It is a caregiver, of course, but it is so much more. When immersed in the sensations of earth I feel this incomparable sense of peace and fascination, as well as the welling desire to explore and discover. It's not the feather light feeling of moving on the wind that air provides, it's something deeper. It's the sense that I belong to the Earth, completely and wholly, and the Earth is so big that I must start moving now -to worship her with my curious feet.

Among dirt and rocks, trees and fern, is the true habitat of my soul. To be neighbours with the birds and squirrels, wolves and deer, is what my heart dreams about.
Symbol of Elemental Earth

Magickally speaking...

Earth is a very feminine energy, the mother to all life. It is associated with stability and being grounded, as well as the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

Colour: Green
Direction: North
Planet: Saturn, Earth 
Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Time of Day: Midnight

What is your connection to earth? How does is interact with your soul?

Manda Rave


  1. <3 Love this, love this, love this!

    I love Earth. It's Jen's sign as well. Growing up, I did everything I could so that I could spend time in nature, I even wanted to live outside in a hedge house!!! I still feel that way. I love love love walking barefoot, especially in the dirt. I love camping, and knowing the ground below me is so rich, alive and ancient. I love nature in every form: tree, flower, shrub, weed, etc! <3 I also think every couple should make love outside, on the dirt or in the grass, during a thunderstorm. A perfect blend of love, peace and energy.

    Thank you for posting this, lovely lady!

    1. I'm glad someone else understand how magical dirt can be <3
      I'm so glad you like the post :)

  2. This is such a great post! I am glad I have found your blog!
    I am now following you and I am looking forward to keeping up and reading your blog!


    1. Thank you, I am so glad you enjoy my space :)

  3. I am really happy to have found your blog. This connection with the elements is something so important to me, yet often forgotten. So thank you for the reminder.

  4. I feel the same way about being at home in the woods. I grew up in New York with a few acres of woods as our backyard and we had so many adventures there. Now I'm in Texas and really miss those big bushy trees.

    1. I'm not sure I could live somewhere without lots of bushy trees, haha.

  5. I love it!! My rising sign is virgo as well and I've always been really thankful to have this Earth element in my chart. My son is due Sept. 17 which would make him a virgo as well. (I'm thinking he's going to come a bit early).. I'm excited to have that little Earth boy in my life.
    I didn't know that the time of day it corresponds with is midnight. How cool!


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