Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July in Review

I can't believe July is over. I mean seriously, is August really already tomorrow? I hope next month doesn't go by as fast. Although autumn is my favourite season it never lasts long and once it's over that means winter will be here again. And I hate the winter.

Anyways, let's hope August drags on and on, haha.

My goals for July were...

Stay on track with my workout regime, no matter how hot it gets.
Get some school stuff sorted out.
Write some stuff and some things! :D
Make this blog a more active space.
Visit my family more.

I have definitely stayed on track with my workout. I alternate between circuit workouts, yoga, and hooping. Mostly I have just built up muscle, but that's a pretty good start. If I tense my abs up and poke through my belly the muscle underneath is pretty hard. I'm excited about it.

I didn't really get school stuff settled. It's a work in progress. I did write a few things. Not sure how much of it I want to share as it's very personal, but we'll see. The blog has been pretty active I would say. The week of birthday posts was definitely the main source of that. I don't plan to slow down though. I have a few good posts in the works and another giveaway on the horizon.

And I did spend a decent amount of time with my mom this month which was nice. She just adopted a dog, a pit mix who is just shy of seven and she is so adorable and sweet. She needs to put on some weight (I think the people who had her before didn't have the money to feed her and that's why they gave her up) but other than that she's healthy and seems very happy with my mom. Her name is Duchess and she loves to be pet and lay on my brother while he lounges on the couch.

Check back tomorrow for my August goals!

Manda Rave


  1. Yay! Well done for staying on track with your goals, Victory!

    Duchess sounds so adorable, what a lovely name ♥ I'm glad she came to your mum!

    1. Me too. I'm hoping to get some pictures of her soon so I can show everyone :)

  2. Duchess is SUCH a good name for a dog!


    1. I like it a lot too, although I associate the name with the mother cat from The Aristocats xD


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