Saturday, August 31, 2013

August in Review

So, August is over. Weird, right? This summer has been flying by, the whole year has. I mean, I know that's a really typical thing to say, but I feel like without school to attend I feel the quickness of it all the more. 

So, as far as the goals I set go...

Add more cardio to my workouts. 
Err, not so much to be honest. I stuck to my normal level. Oh well.

Continue to do some deeply personal writing. It's really helping with my mental well-being.
I did some journal writing which I think was helpful.

Set up a new system for blog sponsorship as Passionfruit is switching to a paid service in September.
I am in the process of doing this and there will be announcement about it sometime soon.

Finish up posts that have been sitting in my drafts forever.
I didn't finish up all the drafts that have been sitting around, but I did do some so I'm calling this goal accomplished.

List some new items in the shop.

My goals for next month will be up soon, so check back if you're interested. I know summer does end until late September, but it will still feel like autumn to me. I'm sure we'll have some more hot days but I can already feel the air cooling. I want to hang on to summer, but part of me can't wait for the leaves to start changing and to be able to wear boots again. I just love a good pair of boots.

Manda Rave


  1. I need to just work out more, period. I have been doing better in the past week though.

  2. <3 You completed quite a lot of your goals, lovely. Congrats! Here's to a fabulous September!


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