Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

Not much to say this morning, just that I hope you enjoy my finds from this past week!

Tea of the Week: Coffee. I haven't been drinking too much tea in the past week so today I am going to name my drink of choice as coffee. I have been a coffee drinker for a long time and it's a morning ritual I adore.

Tumblr Finds
This is just incredible.

I love this moon picture.

This Shai’la Yvonne, isn't she incredible?

Window Shopping
Twig Bobby Pins Bella Rustica Antique Bronze as seen in Real Simple Magazine
These little twigs are hair pins! How cool is that?

Custom Cat Necklace or Brooch, Portrait of your pet
I also really like these custom cat necklaces. You can get one of your very own kitty!

How charming is this plant hanger?

Reading List
1. Shell shared a story about living life without regrets. It's a sad story, but it's important.
2. Nicole talked about the #1 Questions Standing Between You & Your Goals -a must read post for everyone.
3. Laura talked about how hard we can be on ourselves and how we should just allow ourselves to be enough. We can all be our own worst critic.

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. -Paulo Coelho

Manda Rave


  1. I love that moon picture so much! I love those hairpins too, I wore some super similar ones in my hair when we got married. So good to finally be back to reading the blogs I love. I have missed this space. xo

    1. If I had those hairpins I would wear them all the time, hehe.
      I am glad to see you back and moving around the blogosphere :) x

  2. The moon picture is stunning! And those hairpins are so cute!

  3. That planter! <3

    I love Paul Coelho!


    1. I am absolutely mooning over the planter I want it so bad haha

  4. That moon picture, hair pin branches, Shai’la Yvonne and kitty necklaces are just too, too perfect. ♥ Thank you for sharing!!!

    I am also a huge fan of coffee. I find I'll go a while without tea, than I make a cup of tension tamer when stressed or peach manga white tea when dehydrated and boom - I feel so good! But coffee is delish as well!

    1. I think I am out of tension tamer, which is a shame, but I do have a pineapple chamomile tea that is the perfect stress reliever.

    2. That sounds yummy!!! I'll have to look for that. ^_^ I also want to try some Passionflower tea - I have one, but it's with Jasmine and it's not... that great, at least, in my opinion.

      Also, I obviously meant Peach Mango* in my last comment. XD

  5. That quote makes my day!! That Shai'la pic is absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous!


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