Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Life in Pins (Image Heavy)

I have been thinking a lot about moving forward and creating a life for myself that I love and empowers me. I have a Pinterest board for it and everything, and now I am going to share some of my pins, kind of like a vision board, only I'm not bothering to shop them all together into one image. And this is mostly for my own benefit. So here we go...

I don't give a fuck :]
What the fae was that?barbiesawhore:  Grunge/pastel


so-fascinating:  This little house + the love of your life - what else would you need? Nothing, right?

arbores loqui latine

What the fae was that?Inspiring Messages from Vodka


How Strange

Likes | Tumblr



  1. *whispers "feminist fairytales" in your ear*

    1. Yes xD
      I kind of want my life to be a feminist fairytale to be honest haha


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