Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

How do you feel about them? I personally don't make them, mostly because I know that just because it is a new year, that does not necessarily mean I am going to be more apt to stick with them. I make resolutions about my life when the time is right and when they are needed or I feel they are necessary -not just because it's 2012 now and no longer 2011. We break time up into segments of years and months but it's not all that simple. It's continuous and just because a year is over, that does not mean that the problem you had Dec 31, 2011 do not still exist. Your life doesn't start over, it continues on as it has always done and always will until death.

I am not trying to be morbid or depressing, mind you, just honest. I do not see this continuation regardless of the new year to be a bad thing at all. Merely commenting on the fact that we put a lot of emphasis on the change of a digit or two in the year. It seems silly.

And it also seems silly to tell people "oh it was a good year for me" or "2011 was a bad year, I hope 2012 is better" -how on earth do you manage to sum up an entire 12 months in the words "good" or "bad"? Surely not every day of 2011 good or bad! Life is not so simple, not so black and white. For me 2011 was a mix of the good, the bad, and everything in between, just as every year has been and will continue to be.

Of course, if you are the new years resolution type, do not let me dissuade you! I do commend those who can make resolutions and stick with them, that is not a skill many people seem to have. So if the change from 2011 to 2012 truly motivates you to eat better, or run more, or go to bed earlier, then by all means, go for it! I do not want to rain on anybody's parade. :)

I suppose I shall end this little rant (which was actually quite unexpected when I opened up the new post page) and just wish you all a slightly late Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a good time on New Years Eve and got to celebrate the way they wanted. I certainly had a good time learning to ice skate with my boyfriend and drinking a bit too much vodka and champagne!

Until next time lovelies,
Lady Unlaced

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