Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 Photos

Thought I would share some of my favourite photos from my 365 challenge so far. I've already missed a day (I was so upset that I forgot about it for a day already) but otherwise been doing good. 

#365 myself :)

#365 I missed yesterdays portrait D: but at least I remembered today! #personal

Colours of the day :) #365

I swear that last one is a self portrait. It's the cardigan and leggings I wore the other day.

You can follow along with my challenge via my instagram.

Anyone else doing a 365 challenge? How is it going so far?

Lady Unlaced


  1. I love the top picture the best!
    I wish I was doing a 365 challenge! And I wish I had a smart phone or i phone or whatever the hell is needed for instagram!

    1. I think you just need a smart phone. This is my first 365 challenge and I can't wait til it gets warmer for some outdoor portraits :)


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