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I got the idea for this post from Shell over at Kitty and Buck. And if you don't follow her you definitely should! She's an awesome Australian blogger with a lot of design talent and a beautiful heart!

Here in my small New England apartment I am currently enjoying some down time after a long semester of too much homework and emotional stress. However, because I live in New England, the clouds have recently dumped more snow on us.
Sick of this snow stuff #newengland
I am not a fan of snow.

I have been spending a decent amount of time inside. A few days back it was nice enough out to venture outside -the Quabbin Reservoir is not far from us- but now it is much too cold and wet for outdoor adventures. We have been making the most of our time indoors though.

So, this is what is going on inside my head and my apartment currently...

Watching: Lots of Once Upon A Time, Oddities, and Legend of the Seeker. I am in love with Once Upon A Time; talk about a great tv show. I love just about anything fairytale related, especially with a really good modern twist. 

Reading: Women Who Run With The Wolves (it's a very dense book and I like taking my time to really absorb it all) and Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison. If you're into urban fantasy then I definitely suggest her series, The Hollows. I have stacks of other books that I am hoping to dive into soon as well. I did give myself a rather hefty reading list for 2013 that I definitely need to get going on.

Wearing: Lots of leggings and t-shirts, and sometimes I just wear pajama pants all day. I don't really like doing that, but when I'm not going anywhere it seems silly to dirty clothes that are better worn when I actually leave the house. And when I do leave the house I am always wearing my knee-high doc martens so that I can tromp through the snow without getting my feet and legs soaked and frozen. Did I mention I am not a huge fan of the winter? I am dying for some warm air and green trees.

Drinking & Eating: Loooots of warm beverages -coffee in the mornings (and then later with delicious Godiva liquor added), various types of tea (we have a pretty impressive collection), and hot cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon. We're out of whipped cream now though, boo. As for food, lots of fresh veggies and roasted potatoes. We created out own spinach enchilada recipe that is aaa-mazing! Maybe I will get around to sharing it at some point. We've also been baking a lot. We made a cake the other day with homemade banana frosting, which is so delicious! I want to make more and put it on strawberry cupcakes!

Thinking About: My brain has been stuck on lovely bohemian home decor ideas. My Pinterest board has been getting pretty out of hand and I can't wait until me and my boyfriend have a place of our own to decorate as we want. I am thinking lots of plush pillows, handmade curtains, colourful rugs, prayer flags, candles, and lots of plants.

Inspired By: This "Make Something" post on A Beautiful Mess -it really makes me want to sit down and craft some more jewelry fromt eh shop (I know I said I would reopen it soon, I am working on it!), as well as start stitching together a curtain project I have been meaning to do. I have also been Alexandra Franzen's blog -her posts always make me really think about my life and what I want. It's like a daily dose of "Oh yeah, this is who I am, what the hell was I doing that other stuff for? That's not me! This is me!"

Doing: Me and my boyfriend have been playing a looot of Scrabble recently, as well as Mario Kart on the Wii, and Kingdom Hearts. Puzzles have also taken up quite a bit of our time as well. We built a fort in out bedroom the other day, strung up lights, and have taken to reading in it with coffee or hot cocoa. Before the snow hit we were visiting Eli a lot at my mom's house and playing with him and her cat. My mom works a lot so most of the time we go over and are the only one's there. It's nice to see Eli though, I miss him a bunch.

That has been my life the past week or so. I'm hoping that soon I will be able to say I am doing lots of writing and shop work as well. We shall see! :)

Lady Unlaced


  1. I love this post.
    You should definitely post your spinach enchilada recipe! Now that I'm pregnant I'm not eating meat and could use suggestions. And I loveee Mexican food!
    I need to make a fort. That sounds so fun!!

    1. I will at some point! I am hoping to add vegetarian recipes to the blog anyways :)

  2. Oh I love reading things like this, thank you so much for posting it! I've been meaning to try Once Upon A Time, you've reminded me again.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. You should definitely watch Once, it's soooo good


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