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My Book Recommendations Part 2

Getting Gothy

I love dark and "gothic" literature. A lot. I was a goth chick in high school and although I have grown out of my morbid, angsty teen years, there's not much I love more than a good vampire book. For today's book recommendations post I thought I would stick with a delightfully dark theme and share three of my favourite gothic must-reads.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The most well-known vampire novel in history without a doubt, Dracula by Bram Stoker, is one of my favourite books of all time. I read it when I was about 14 and have loved it ever since.

Summary: Famous for introducing the character of the vampire Count Dracula, the novel tells the story of Dracula's attempt to relocate from Transylvania to England, and the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and women led by Professor Abraham Van Helsing. (via Wikipedia)

The Picture of Dorian Gray

I read this book for a summer reading project in high school and couldn't put it down. Wilde's writing is magnificent and the story is incredibly compelling. 

Summary: [The] story of a fashionable young man who sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty is the author’s most popular work. The tale of Dorian Gray’s moral disintegration caused a scandal when it first appeared in 1890, but though Wilde was attacked for the novel’s corrupting influence, he responded that there is, in fact, “a terrible moral in Dorian Gray.” (via Goodreads)

Interview with the Vampire (Vampire Chronicles, #1)

I absolutely love Anne Rice. She is a master of her craft and has written some of the most interesting and well-developed vampires in literary history. According to me at least, and seeing as these are my recommendations, my opinion is what we're going with here, haha. This is the first in The Vampire Chronicles and I highly suggest it for any vampire fan out there. 

Summary: In a darkened room a young man sits telling the macabre and eerie story of his life - the story of a vampire, gifted with eternal life, cursed with an exquisite craving for human blood. (via Goodreads)

There you go! Three necessary reads to satiate your inner goth!

Lady Unlaced

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  1. The first two are two of my faves as well. I also loved Frankenstein. Did enjoy that Anne Rice one.


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