Monday, January 14, 2013

How Tumblr & Blogging Have Made My Life Better

No, I'm not kidding. Joining Tumblr and creating a blog have definitely improved my life and how I see the world. Sound strange? What can I say, the internet may be addictive (and detrimental if used wrong) but it has opened my eyes, inspired me, and infused me with more positive energy than I could find on my own.

The internet can be used for good. That is not an argument we hear a lot of these days with all the problems of internet addiction and the blow-up of social media. But I believe that if used correctly, the world wide web has some serious upsides. Inspiration and connections are two things that I have taken away from my screen time that I count as beyond valuable and definitely rewarding.

I created a Tumblr account in 2010 and have been loyal to it ever since. I don't go a day (usually) without posting something or reblogging beautiful pictures of art, fashion, or cats. (I just really love cats, okay.) Finding people to follow opened my eyes to new fashion styles, artists, music, and ideas. I have learned so much from being a part of that site and I don't regret a single moment I have spent on it. And I didn't just learn and discover things, I got to know people. I've helped people with their spiritual questions, laughed with those who like the same movies as me, and talked to people about feminism and self-love. I found people who are more like me and share more of my interests than most of the people I have met through other means such as school.

My tumblr has also served as a great launch pad for my other creative endeavours. It has proved incredibly useful in getting the word out about this blog, as well as my etsy shop.

I started this blog last year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I started following other bloggers, consistently reading all their new posts and leaving comments and input for them. I started to feel more connected and inspired. In January 2012 I opened my etsy shop, something I had always wanted to do but never had the courage to go through with. Seeing other successful people following their dreams, running blogs about their lives and shops to sell their creative endeavours made me realize that if I didn't start doing the same my life was going to pass me by completely. I haven't looked back since.

I am not a well-known blogger. My shop is not over-the-top successful. but I have people that stop by here and read what I have to say and a few sales here and there. That's enough for me. The fact that anyone is interested at all still shocks me. Interested? In me? Yep, in me. How amazing is that? And I am interested in them. I love meeting people and connecting.

Blogging has improved my life. It has opened me up to meeting new people, sharing my insight with others, and improved my writing and helped me develop my own personal voice. I dislike when people insinuate that my blogging is a waste of time. It is some of the most well used time I have had.

Lady Unlaced

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