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Minimizing is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I don't mean like the total minimalist lifestyle -I'm not into that. There will always be a part of me that is a collecting bohemian soul. I like to have things to look at in my personal space -tea cups, candles, bones, feathers, dreamcatchers, crystals... you get my drift.

But I like the idea of getting rid of the excess stuff. The stuff I don't use or don't have space for. Stuff I don't wear anymore are don't love as much as I used to. Now I should mention that I am not some kind of crazy hoarder. I go through everything I own at least twice a year and donate or trash whatever I don't want or don't use. This past year I did it maybe 3 or 4 times due to moving so much. Fun fact: I've lived 4 different places in the past year and a half and that's not including my dorm room.

There are a few things I am not willing to part with at all. My books are never going anywhere. I collect books. I want my own personal library someday. Obviously none of my jewelry stuff would go anywhere (I have a lot of it though) and I have already gotten rid of most of the jewelry and makeup I don't use.

I pulled clothes out to sell awhile back (I am going to set up a shop for them, I swear) and I am thinking of going through some of my art supplies, other beauty products, and magickal supplies and see what I don't need. I tend to hold onto these things but I don't want to anymore, especially magickal supplies. I have tons of candles and knickknacks -things like small bowls and figurines. But my spirituality has taken a less structured route and I think it's time to let go of some of it.

How do you minimize your life? Any suggestions on things to go through? I would love your thoughts and opinions. I would really like to have less stuff and any tips on how to do this is welcomed!

this is what the beginning of book organizing looks like when you’re me #books
I am in the process of organizing my books and this is what it looks like, haha.
Manda Rave


  1. I love the feeling of a good purge...and I'm in dire need of one right now! I just can't seem to get it together to get 'er done, though. I interviewed a home organization team once for an article I wrote, and they said you should have at least one reusable grocery bag's worth of stuff to haul out of your home each month - I can't say have that much, but I do like to keep that in mind. In the Apothecary Circle, she said the best way is to work on a few square feet a day, which makes the job manageable.

    I know what you mean about your books, though - my bookshelf is sagging; there's so many I can't bear to part with, haha!


    1. Hmmm, I could probably do that much in a month to be honest. I really want to minimize everything. I already have a head full of things I know I could shove into a bag and get rid of today, haha.

      I will never part with my books. I like having so much to choose from and look back to. Books are my weakness.

  2. I am right with you on this. I walk the line of wanting to be more of a minimalist, with a collector soul. I find comfort in the trinkets and treasures that we have gathered over the years. And my books, they will never go anywhere either. I am an admitted book hoarder. I mean I still have my whole Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High collections from when I was a kid. It is kind of a problem.

    1. I think books make a nice collection, haha. I have a bunch of kids books too, including my Dr. Seuss collection
      Collecting things is something I have always loved to do but I think I have come to the point where I love decluttering more. Less stuff is just less stress overall, it's nice :)

  3. I'm also not a minimalist and I don't think I ever could be. I love "stuff" too much! However, I totally believe in going through what you don't need/want, and I do this often with clothing. I have a hard time, sometimes, deciding what should go and what should stay but I've been getting better with this - especially OCD wise!

    If you ever have any magickal stuff you don't want to sell, or trash, I'd be open to taking some off of your hands. ^_^ I know that sounds rather, uh, greedy? But with little money, and little transportation, finding magickal -anything- is tricky. Especially for a decent price!

    I can't offer much advice, as I look around and see so much stuff I need to let go of. But I'm always here for support! ^_-

    1. When I go through it I'll take pictures and let you take a look at it and we'll see if we can work something out :) I have a lot of random things

  4. Holy books!

    I have seriously been going through the same processes lately.. could be the nesting instinct from being pregnant.. but I am NEEDING to minimize. I always want to have the least amount of possible things because I move so much (about once a year.. that's nothing compared to all yours!!). Every time I move I feel like I get rid of half my stuff.. and I have no idea how I get so much in the mean time..

    I get rid of clothes I haven't worn in like 6 months-a year (a year on summer stuff since we don't have much summer here).. dishes stuff I get rid of if I haven't used in a year, books I pass on or donate after reading (but I'm not a book collector), I sold all the records I had that I hadn't listened to in a year, or had no personal draw to, traded movies in that I will no longer watch at the pawn shop for new movies and sold the rest of the movies. I always love the feeling of getting rid of clutter!! I want to go home and declutter now... haha

    1. Haha, yeah, I have got myself quite a book collection xD
      I only personally own maybe 15 movies. I am not a movie person so thankfully I don't accumulate them. I always get rid of sooo much stuff everytime I move. I have no idea how I end up with so much new stuff to get rid of every time I pack up again, it's a bit ridiculous.


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