Thursday, June 27, 2013

Personal Space

I am a major introvert. I enjoy spending time with friends and going out and having a good time, but I need regular space and alone time. I need the comfort of my books and my altar and the space to be inside my own head. I think it's really important to take the time to be alone and look inward, to have somewhere in your home that is just for you and that you can retreat into when you need to refresh.

Right now I am lucky enough to have a whole room just for that. We rent a three bedroom apartment -one is our room (obviously), another is kind of like a storage room that Eli likes to sleep in, and the last one is where I keep my books, my altar, my jewelry desk, and a few other bits and pieces. Today I thought I would share some pictures from my space.

Excuse the poor quality, they're phone pictures.

Some of my books.

Harry Potter & Teacups!

My snake plant (Medusa), a random pillow, and one of my hula hoops.

Where jewelry making happens. It's messy, haha.

My altar


To be honest that very last picture is from the bedroom, it's just a shot of some of the stuff stuck to my mirror. But I love that little spot in the bedroom so I wanted to share it anyways.

Do you have a personal space that is just for you? What's in it?

Manda Rave

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  1. Dude, I am IN LOVE with your retreat space! It is so, so lovely! I agree totally - I'm the same way in that I am happy to socialize, but the ability tot recharge is critical to my being functional. If I haven't had the chance to recharge in a good while, my physical and emotional health begins to suffer (like it is right now, eep!). I think it's so important to have a space like this in your own home, too. Accessible!

    Your jewelry-making spot is just so perfect - I like that it's messy and speaks to your ongoing creativity, and that you can just sit down whenever and pick up a project! Hubs and I have a two-bedroom condo, and our "studio" is small and packed to the teeth. I never have the ability to leave my supplies out, as the room serves so many purposes (crafting, computer, spare room, storage, etc). I look forward to when we have a house, and I have more space to play with! :)


    1. Aw, thank you so much. I've only just finished putting it together and I feel so much better now that I have a clean and (mostly) organized space to just be.
      I'm hoping that whenever we move I can continue to have this kind of space, it's really beneficial to me mentally. I hope that you can get your space too! :)

  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring sanctuary, I love it ♥

  3. I don't have a personal space that's JUST for me, because I personally couldn't stand that. I can't stand being away from Jen, for even that long... even in our own place. We have the same type of interests, the same comforts, etc. so I also don't feel the need to have my own area. At the moment, we live in her childhood bedroom, which is where we are all day minus running to the bathroom or kitchen. When we had our apartment, we had so many personal touches that we loved and we wanted to make the bedroom, which we never used, into a Pagan/meditation/relaxation/hookah room. ^_^

    1. Hmm, that's fair enough. I always need my own retreat space, somewhere I can spend time alone in my own head and with my own activities. Because of my anxiety I need to be alone to really get anything creative done because being alone relieves my anxiety. It's not anything against other people, just my own head issues.


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