Saturday, May 31, 2014

General Life Update

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I've pretty much resigned myself to being sub-par about blog updates these days. Oh well. The traffic here has decreased a lot and I'm actually kind of glad for it. I don't feel as obligated to post all the time and come up with "quality blog content." I've moved on to more important things honestly.

But anyways, if you are here reading this, then awesome, thanks for sticking around so long.

Things have been going pretty well. I am signed up for my last two classes and by mid-August I will be finished and have my bachelor's degree in English literature with a minor in history. How exciting. Mostly I'm just glad to be getting it done with so I can start putting it on resumes. A lot more companies will look at me more seriously when I apply for writing jobs.

I've also been on my bipolar medication for just over two months now and I can definitely say it is having a positive effect on my life. My ups and downs are not quite as extreme and I've had very few days of crippling depression & apathy, which is a nice change. I still struggle with my anxiety but I'm working on it. I have been better this year so far than I was last year, mostly because I can feel myself moving forward, even if it's just by inches at a time. Being surrounded by people who support me and know how to give me just the right kind of push helps a lot. I'm so lucky to have the few loving family members and friends that I do, who know how to be gentle with me and when they should kick me in the butt. It's a difficult skill to have when it comes to me as I always tend to be oversensitive about things.

And on top of all this, I have at least two exciting events to look forward to in the coming months! Sue, her brother, and I are all going to Warped Tour on July 13 in Connecticut. I love Warped Tour and I didn't get a chance to go last year so I'm super excited, especially since Less Than Jake and Cute is What We Aim For are going to be there.

The most exciting news so far though is that Sue and I are going to Howlercon!
It's a Teen Wolf convention that is actually being held out here on the east coast! It's in New Jersey in November and Sue bought us the tickets yesterday. We got an awesome package that gives us free access to everything, preferred seating at the panels, and autographs from all the cast members, as well as t-shirts, wrist bands, and buttons. I've never been to a con before and I'm so happy that my first one will be for Teen Wolf! We still have to book our hotel room and buy train tickets, but both seem to be crazy cheap, which is good seeing as the tickets were kind of pricey. But so far both Holland Roden and Melissa Ponzio have agreed to go and I can't wait to see who else jumps on over the next few months.

And now I'm off to clean up my house a bit and probably do some reading for class. Sue just left after a week hanging out with me at my place and I'm at a loss with the sudden quiet and time alone. I might as well be productive.



  1. *big hugs* I'm so proud of you darling, I know you can get it all done. And hey, at least you won't have to deal with classes when we go to HOWLER COOOOON! <3<3<3

    1. Thanks love <3
      And very true! :D :D :D


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