Friday, May 2, 2014

I Am Grateful 5/2/2014

I am a terrible blogger these days, I know, I apologize. I wish I could tell you all I'm going to be better about it from here on out, but I have no idea if that's true or not. For now, a list of things I'm grateful for lately.

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  • The never-ending support and love of my best friend. She puts up with my excessive fangirling, my ceaseless anxiety, and my nervous breakdowns. She lets me stay at her house for full weeks and eat her food and curl up under her blankets. Also for encouraging my writing, giving me feedback, and helping me flesh out my ideas.
  • The wonderful people I've met online, through blogging and through tumblr, who send me love and are patient with me when I don't always respond to their messages immediately. I'm trying so hard to be more sociable and it means the world to me that there are people who are willing to put up with me in the meantime.
  • My mom for making me go to the doctor's and for bringing my medication to me so that I can work on getting better and being happier.
  • The warm air and sunshine currently coming through my window and the little flowers popping up in the yard. 
What are you grateful for lately?



  1. What refreshingly honest post. Thank you s much for sharing your thoughts. The silver lining of struggle is that some things in your life bend and some break and when you come up for air, you know who and what you can really count on.

    1. I'm certainly going through a fight right now in my life, but I am hanging on and excited to see where I end up (if that makes any sense at all) and it's nice to know I have these people to count on in the meantime.


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