Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordy Wednesday #1

The Living Book
September 13, 2011

She reads with pictures
In blue pages of rain;
They whisper to her loving heart.
The world unfolds,
A series of rainbow images.
Her books are of flowers,
A library of moon and sun
Reaching into her soul.
Peace is a radiant song
That is the binding of every tome.
She reads with ideas
On bright papers of inspiration;
They speak to her dreaming mind.
The universe expands,
A parade of coloured imaginings.
Her plans are made of spirit,
A deep well of bubbling water
Pulling out her thoughts.
Adventure is the driving beat
That edges each new journey.
She reads with life.

Just a piece of my poetry I wrote a little while ago. Thoughts? I am not the best poet, I will admit so don't be too harsh on me. I am much better at fiction writing.

Lady Unlaced

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