Friday, February 24, 2012

Exploring the Tarot: The Emperor

The Emperor
Keywords: influence, material wealth, authority, paternal figure

The Emperor is a card that represents paternal influence and power. It usually depicts a king-like figure in a throne holding traditional symbols of power such as an orb and a scepter. Purple is a common colour as it corresponds with royalty. An image of an eagle is often incorporated into the card as well, as they are a bird that is strongly connected to Zeus.

This card compliments The Empress -as she is a symbol of maternal influence, The Emperor is that of paternal influence. He rules over matters of finance, politics, and material goods. This is a card that is strongly tied to masculinity. The Emperor is a protector.

In a spread this card tells us to pay attention to the material aspects of our lives; money is key here. Business-type projects are on the horizon and you have to be prepared to make the right decision for the most material gain. He could also represent the entrance of an authority figure into your life such as a new boss that will have a lot of influence on you. 

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