Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Mason Jar Project Revealed!

I had mentioned before that I was working on a secret project involving a mason jar and now it is time to reveal what I was doing! And why it was a secret in the first place.

I didn't mention what it was when I talked about all the neat things you can do with mason jars because it was a gift -a Valentines Day gift for my amazing boyfriend. I'm happy to say that he loves it and therefore I am confident and sharing my idea and creation with you all.

For the sake of staying awesome we're going to call this project the Jar of Dreams project. That name just kind of came to me and I like the way it sounds, win! Haha, anyways, this is something that is perfect as a gift for the important people in your life, whether they be your significant other, best friend, or close family member. The idea is simple, get a jar and fill it with dreams!

Before we go too much farther, here are the things you'll need: mason jar, paper (unlined will look better, I used sketchbook paper), construction paper/paint sample (in any colour you want), good pen, embroidery thread, a few pretty beads, acrylic paint (again, any colour), and glue (I just used a glue stick.)

I love mason jars, they're very aesthetically appealing in vintage-y kind of way. And glass is always more charming than something like plastic. Although I imagine a Chest of Dreams (wooden) would be just as wonderful as a jar. But a mason jar is probably easier to get a hold of and cheaper as well. I bought mine at a thrift store for 99 cents, and you just can't beat that kind of price.

Alright, so to get going on constructing this dream jar, you'll need to cut up your paper into pieces small enough that they'll fit into your jar but big enough that you can fold them in half. You don't have to fold them, but a lot of the fun in this is being able to pull out the pieces of paper and open them up to see what they say. You can make as many as you want, but it's best to make enough so that the jar is full. No one wants a half full jar of dreams.

As for the "dreams" you're putting on the paper, those are entirely up to you. I wrote down things like "lots of hugs," "live together," and "go on coffee dates." Whatever you hope to do and experience with that person can go on a slip of paper, whether it's a serious life dream or just something silly. 

Now take a part the lid of your mason jar and use the flat(ish) piece to trace a circle on your construction paper or paint sample. I used a red pain sample that I picked up from Home Depot which I prefer to construction paper because of how much sturdier it is. Cut out the circle and then use your paint to write something on it -this is your choice. If you have something cute that means something between you and the person you're giving this too then use that. For mine I wrote "Hope and Wishes" in white paint.

Excuse my bad phone camera picture.

When that dries, glue the edges to the raised part of the mason jar top and then set it inside the screw top part. I hope that all makes sense, I'm not sure what the terminology is for the parts the lid, but if you know your mason jars then you probably know what I'm talking about.

Now take your thread and wrap it around the top of the jar so that it sits below the lid and just above the swell of the glass. Tie it in place and let the excess hang down as that's where your beads come into play. Add your beads and tie them off. I used a few red and pearly seed beads as well as some silver star beads. You can also do this part with ribbon, with or without beads.

All that's left is to fill your jar up with your folded notes and voila! A very heartfelt and cute gift to give to someone you love.

My finished product.

Lady Unlaced

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