Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Emilie Autumn Concert in Boston

I had the wonderful privilege this past Sunday to see Emilie Autumn and her amazing Bloody Crumpets perform at the Royale in Boston! Me and my best friend got all dressed up and were Asylum ready!


We hit a few snags getting there -my boyfriend got a flat tire and we unfortunately were unable to make it on time for the VIP pre-show. We did manage to make the train into Boston for the regular show though. Let me tell you, walking up Tremont Street in Boston in 4-5 inch platform boots is a bit of a workout. But definitely worth it!

You may recall my "Musical Monday" post awhile back about the very talented Emilie Autumn and how much I absolutely adore her. She is hands down my favourite musical artist and the show she and the Bloody Crumpets (Naughty Veronica, Blessed Contessa, & Captain Maggot) put on was phenomenal! There is no opening band and the whole thing is so much more than a concert. They sing, dance, act out small skits and play games with the audience. And there is tons of glitter, confetti, muffins, and tea! 

I have a few pictures but they're terrible quality as I took them using my crappy phone camera, but here are a few:
Contessa playing her "Fingers & Toes" Game.
The Art of Suicide.
Girls! Girls! Girls!

I have a ton more but these are the best out of the bunch. I really wish I had a good camera so I could have captured the night better, but oh well. It was fabulous regardless!

And the new songs were awesome! EA's newest album, Fight Like A Girl, is supposed to be released sometime this year and she has been performing a bunch of new stuff off of it throughout this tour. I think Take The Pill is my favourite so far. This album will definitely be something I put aside money for.

I was also lucky enough to buy a signed Blessed Contessa poster after the show as well as a "Thank God I'm Pretty" tank top, both of which I looove! It really was an awesome night, despite the rough patches in the beginning. I'm hoping she comes around again sometime soon-ish.

Lady Unlaced

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