Friday, February 10, 2012

How wonderful are Mason Jars?

Let me tell you, they're pretty awesome. I've collected three of them in the past few days for some fun crafting purposes. I know what I'm doing with one of them but it's a secret that I'll let you all in on when I'm done. I know I haven't really posted any DIY stuff on my blog before but that's something I am changing now. I love DIY projects, nothing is cooler than filling up your personal space with things you've made with your own two hands. Plus, handmade stuff always makes a great gift that people usually enjoy getting.

So here is some cool stuff I've found that you can do with Mason Jars.

Glow sticks are involved in this project and that makes it a winner by me. And look how pretty the end result is! My boyfriend actually linked me to this tutorial and I definitely want to do it sometime.

This tutorial is a little more involved than the one above but the end result is really neat. They'd make great vases, or just as pretty storage devices for things like buttons and the like.

This one is really interesting and is a great way to display photos that I probably never would have thought of on my own. I'd love to have some pictures of me and my friends in jars like this. I bet they look much prettier on a mantle than the standard picture frames.

Well that's what I've found so far for mason jars, but I am always looking. Hopefully I can share my own DIY adventures with you all. I've mentioned before that I make jewelry but I would like to expand on my crafting skills. If you have any tutorials you think I'd like, please share!

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