Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I haven't shared a piece of my writing in awhile so I figured it was about time I do that again. I started writing chapter 4 of my novel last night and I'm really excited about it. I am not too far into the story but stuff is about to get messy and I am looking forward to putting my main character in some pain. Being a writer really does make you sadistic sometimes. No worries though, I'm not going to hurt her too bad.

So here is a snippet of what I was writing last night in the library:

My footsteps were heavy as I ran full speed through the thick forest. Branches scratched at my bare arms and face, my hair a wild mane strewn with twigs and leaves. I was trying to shift but I couldn't. My tiger wouldn't come and I was terrified because I wasn't getting away fast enough. I wasn't sure what I was running from but I knew that if I was caught it would kill me. The fear and adrenaline was making my blood pound so hard I was sure I'd go deaf from the sound of it.

I kept running but my feet were getting sore and I was losing my breath. Why wouldn't my tiger come? I didn't want to die like this; alone and afraid, at the mercy of an unknown monster out for blood.

Just as I thought I couldn't possibly keep going the scenery in front of my started to change. The dark trees were morphing as branches became limbs -the arms and legs of people. As they came into focus I realized they were people I knew. I could see the familiar face of my mother smiling at me, her cheeks tinged pink with the same hideous blush she'd worn every day as far back as I could remember. And next to her were the faces and figures of my three brothers, all lean and handsome and smug looking. I was running towards them, aware that my pursuer had not let up, but I wasn't getting any closer. It was like I was on a treadmill, exhausting myself but not even going anywhere. 

And then my father was there, too, his harsh features joining the others. His cold blue eyes were fixed on me, staring disapprovingly. It was the only look he ever gave me. I was suddenly not so sure I wanted to reach my family anymore. They had always tried to hold me down. My own father was responsible for throwing my into the arms of a blood-thirsty monster and who was to say he wouldn't sacrifice me to this one was well? The look he had fixed on me certainly held no sympathy. 

My body was tired and my flesh stung with fresh wounds, blood trickling down my arms. I was out of energy and the beast that was following me was closer than ever -I could feel it. Its presence was thick in the air around me and it was slowing my every step. I searched the figures before me for some kind of aid but they seemed either oblivious or unconcerned with my distress. I tried to scream at them to help me but I couldn't make words come out. It felt as if my vocal cords had been removed.

And then another form appeared next to them, and the shaggy brown hair was instantly familiar as his eyes found me. He moved forward, holding out his hand.


That's all for now, what did everyone think? I love to get feedback so please leave a comment with your thoughts and whatnot. I am really excited to dive further into this chapter. The nightmare (that's what that was, if you hadn't guessed) is only the beginning!

Interested in what goes through my head when writing this book? Visit this tumblr blog for random snippets of information about my book. It's essentially my digital cork board. I post pictures of what I envision my characters to look like, location photos, myths and lore, and some other stuff.

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