Saturday, March 15, 2014


new patches for my vest came in!
Patches I got recently.

Watching: Teen Wolf every Monday, of course. Once Upon a Time also started up again recently and the first episode was pretty good. I'm behind on a lot of other stuff though. I haven't been watching much. Although I did have a mini-marathon of Bob's Burgers the other day.

Reading: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, which is the second book in the Maze Runner series. It's... interesting. I also read The Ocean at the End of the Lane recently which I included in my last book rec post.

Listening to: Tons of pop punk and ska recently -Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, Big D & the Kids Table, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, that kind of stuff. 8tracks mixes that have been getting a lot of love include: this, this, & this.

Wearing: T-shirts, leggings, this plaid men's overshirt that Sue bought for me and I love, and my faux leather jacket when I go out. 

Thinking About: Books. Writing. Plots. My head is swimming with stuff lately. I've been thinking about punk werewolves a lot. I want to write about punk rocker orphaned werewolves so bad. I already have so many projects, but this one will not leave me alone. 

Doing: I spent another week and a half with Sue which we spent writing, walking, cooking, drinking wine, watching paranormal tv shows, reading, chatting, and just enjoying each other's company. While home I spend a lot of time cleaning and writing and hooping. I also got to spend some time recently with not only Sue, but my best friend Jennie as well, who I have known since we were 10 years old. We don't see each other often and it was nice to hang out and talk and be silly.



  1. Our day with Jennie was wonderful, it was so lovely to have us all together, our own little off-kilter sisterhood of wine and terrifying things <3

    1. It was, I hope we can do it again sometime soon <3 x


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