Saturday, March 22, 2014

Head down, swaying to my own sound

Eli being adorable, per usual.
Hello lovelies, just dropping in for a random life update. I've had the lovely Sue with me for the last week, camping out in my room and keeping me company. Activities have included walks downtown to eat at the diner, buying nailpolish, baking cookies and drinking wine from the bottle, crying over Teen Wolf, reading until we pass out, and dancing around like the weirdos that we are. Needless to say, it' been fantastic.

We've been talking a lot, discussing what we want from life, and making loose plans for the future. To be honest, there's not a whole lot keeping me here in New England. Right now I am trying to get control of my anxiety issues (it's been going well so far actually), find work, finish my degree, and work on getting my license. But after all that, I just don't know. I don't want anything in particular. I want to write and work a job that doesn't suck, and be with my cat and Sue, take long walks, make magic, and smile a lot. 

Sue wants to move down to St. Augustine in the next two years. I'll probably go with her. Because I don't want to be separated from my best friend and the warm weather sounds nice and so does the general change of scenery. I want something different. I like Massachusetts well enough, but I have lived here my entire life. I'm sick of the same things, sick of more cold weather than anything else, sick of going the same places and doing the same things. I think moving south would be good for me. Getting away just sounds great actually.

In the meantime though I'm just doing things that make me happy. I read a lot, write, go jogging, dance around my room, make jewelry, talk to Sue and my mom, and am making plans to go to Warped Tour this summer and spend a lot of time lounging in the sun by the water. 

I'm working a lot on my self confidence and feeling better about who I am and how I look. It's an ongoing process, of course, but I've been feeling better about the kind of person I am. I have issues, yeah, but everyone does, and when it comes down to it, I'm not half bad really. 

I don't know you guys, this has been a post. And this is a song that me and Sue have been listening to a lot lately...



  1. *casually presses play on this song while you make us breakfast*
    I'm really proud of you for where you are right now. I know it may not feel like much, but you're getting there and working at it one step at a time, and that is exactly what you need to be doing. Just taking it slow, gradual steps <3

    1. Thanks darling <3 I am so happy to have you back in my life and helping keep me sane while I work through things. You're the best x


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