Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Am Grateful 3/29/2014

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Today I am grateful for...
  • Having a wonderfully generous and loving mother who always supports me -I don't know what I would do without her.
  • My amazing best friend who is a constant source of strength and inspiration for me. She is always fueling my creative mind, making me laugh, and listening when I need someone to talk to. 
  • Hot mugs of tea. Especially since I got this new mug in the mail recently.
  • Good ska music that I can skank around my kitchen to while cooking.
  • The weather finally warming up, It's been getting into the high 50s lately and the winds and rain have been warm instead of freezing. It's about time spring make an appearance.
What are you grateful for recently?



  1. I am grateful for:
    -having my wonderful pack to come home to after an awful day
    -the fact that its warm enough to rain
    -the bitchin feeling of lifting weights
    -having the wonderful Manda Marie to bounce ideas off of
    -my fantastic brother who never fails to cheer me up
    -incense to make my apartment always feel exactly as I want it too
    -my amazing new lodestones
    -my spirit guide Kaijana for being right at my side every step and shove of the way

    1. Incense and warm rain are also good things to be grateful for <3

  2. Hooray for warmer weather! And ska! And best friends!


  3. Ooo! You made me want to skank around my kitchen listening to ska!!!!!!!

    You've also inspired me to do a grateful list.. I have been lacking in the gratitude department.

    1. Do it! Life is better with kitchen skanking!
      Also, these lists are great to do, I always feel better afterwards and I highly recommend them :)


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