Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Words

I forgot to do one of these last week, whoops. Oh well, I remembered this time, that's all that matters right?

from The Necromancer's Daughter...
“And what exactly is it you want me to teach you?” she asked sharply. “How to raise the dead, make zombie armies, to use the power of death to choke the life from your enemies?”
I felt the colour drain from my face as she spoke. Was she insane? Why would I want to do any of that. I was too shocked to speak, staring at her serious face with wide eyes, and Nik spoke up for me.
“Don’t be ridiculous,” he answered, “why would she want to do any of that psycho stuff? She just wants to learn how to control her magic.”
“And who are you?” Sydra snapped, moving her intense gaze from me to him and allowing me to breath slightly easier. Nik didn’t back down.
“Nikandros, professional bounty hunter. And friend.” He squeezed my hand again and I gave it a squeeze back, his words sending a bit of warmth through me. Even if this woman turned us away or decided to turn us into toads or whatever angry witches did, at least I had Nik with me. It was more than I could have ever hoped for.
Sydra scrutinized him for a moment more but didn’t say anything else to him. Instead she turned back to me.
“Do you wear salt on you to ground the power when you’re not using it?” I had honestly thought she was going to berate me some more so the question came as a bit of a surprise.
I nodded. “Yes, I never take it off. But it doesn’t always work, sometimes it’s just too much.”
She stared at me. “I see.” I got the sense that she saw a lot more than just what I was saying.
“I can teach you what I know, but be warned, I am no necromancer and am not as skilled in death magic as another of your kind would be. Do you have your family book?”
I nodded, relief washing over me at her acceptance to take me on as a student. “Yes, but I can’t read most of it.”
“Good,” said Sydra, “I can help you translate what you need to know. The rest you needn’t worry about.”
I wanted to argue that I had the right to know what all of it said, but I decided that was another battle best left for a different time. The last thing I wanted to do was have her revoke her teacher status.
“Thank you so much,” I said, “I really appreciate this.”
Sydra turned away from me to look into the fire that was crackling behind her. “Don’t make me regret my decision Maitland Cross.”

from a Teen Wolf punk ficlet (wip)... 
They paid for their respective booze, Scott using what Derek thought might be a fake id but the cashier didn't look twice at it. He remembered his own days of using a fake id and he had to admit he was impressed with how casually Scott had handed it over, like it was the real deal.
Derek followed the younger boy into the parking lot, listening to him chatter about his friends and how awesome they were and how much they would love Derek. Derek just nodded and grinned until they reached their respective vehicles. Scott had a blue jeep that was only a few spaces away from his own dark Camaro and Scott let out a low whistle when he saw Derek's car.
"Nice ride dude, you're putting the jeep to shame over here."
Derek gave a small smile. "It's a nice jeep, " he said, mostly just trying to be nice to the kid who had invited him over.
Scott dumped his booze into the passenger seat laughing. "You don't have to compliment it, it's not mine. It's kind of a piece of junk."
Junk was probably too strong a word but he didn't argue the fact, instead just unlocking his own door and depositing his whiskey on the floor.
"I'm not far from here, five minutes tops!" Scott called from out his window. Derek nodded and slid into the driver's seat. He hadn't gone to a party in ages. He used to go out a lot with Laura but he'd never meshed well with her friends. He was too rough around the edges, not sophisticated enough. He wasn't sure where they had gotten the impression that Laura was sophisticated (she drank milk from the carton and wasn't against talking loudly about her sex life) but she wore blazer so that apparently made her classy.
Whatever, Derek liked his leather jacket and ripped jeans.



  1. Who doesn't love Derek in ripped up jeans in a leather? If you don't then *dramatic Batman voice* WE CANT BE FRIENDS /snort
    Loving how TND is coming along. Ace characterization with Sydra, really dig how you added in "oh you can't read the spells to summon hordes of zombies excellent I dont want you to good to know" xD

    1. Thanks beautiful. Sydra is a lot of fun to write and I'm excited to explore her character :) <3

  2. It's so awesome that you're sharing some excerpts! I loved what I read, your writing is so clear and pleasant to read. So polished!

    1. Eee, thank you so much that has put the biggest smile on my face! x


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