Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Words

I hope it says a lot about my dedication to writing that even though these posts get the least amount of views than anything, I still insist on doing them. I plan on doing Camp Nano this year, too, so the writing posts will probably (hopefully) just increase. Anyways!

from The Necromancer's Daughter...
“Tell me about your bike,” I said once the others had headed off to bed. Nikandros and I were the only ones from the group that slept outside, although he usually stayed up later than me and on the other side of the wagons.
 “What about it?” he asked, poking the fire with a stick so that the flames flared up brighter. I held my hands out to warm them.
 “How does it work? I’ve never seen a bike like that before.”
 He leaned forward, the fire illuminating his face. “It’s a motorcycle actually. They’re bike versions of the cars people used to have before the Shift.”
 “But that kind of stuff doesn’t work anymore, how did you get it to run?”
 “Magic,” he said, looking pleased with himself when he saw my shock. I’d never known any humans to use magic; most of them were scared of it. Although, I couldn’t quite imagine Nik being scared of anything.
 “Magic?” I repeated, also leaning forward, my gaze focused on him. I didn’t think I could have hid my interest if I wanted to.
 “You aren’t quaking in your boots, I’m impressed,” he said, grinning. He was always grinning at me.
 “Why would I?” I knew why I should, but the idea of magic wasn’t as frightening to me in the way that it was to so many others. I did have a fear of my own magic of course, but seeing as mine responded to dead things, I figured that was perfectly reasonable.
from Moon Fever (a Teen Wolf fanfic)...
"Incoming," he said to the tattoo artist. "My betas are on their way and they brought friends. Human friends." 
She nodded, wiping away excess ink and admiring her handiwork. "I know, Isaac called in earlier for a group appointment. I have David coming in to help out with it." 
"You didn't say anything," Derek said, unable to help the accusing tone in his voice.  
She quirked an amused brow at him. "I thought you knew. I also didn't think it was a big deal?"
He huffed. "It's not."
She didn't say anything but Derek could tell she knew he was lying. It had been a pretty weak lie.  

Also, like I said, I'm going to be participating in Camp Nanowrimo, so if anyone else is also planning on doing it, let me know! We should totally be in the same cabin. So far it's just me and Sue! I will be working on my YA witch book, The Night Coven.



  1. I like the subtle build between Nik and Maitland, ace relationship work and world building beautiful <3

    1. Nik and Mattie go very slow because Mattie is completely oblivious to romance anyways and Nik is just a really cautious person. They're so sweet together though.
      And I am almost done with that chapter of MF so hopefully I will have it up today or tomorrow!

  2. Good luck to your nanos. I like the way your charcters use diction.


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