Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Am Grateful 3/1/14

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I haven't done one of these posts in awhile and I am definitely overdue for one. I have a lot to be grateful for, even if my life is a bit of a mess.
  • The love and support of my grandfather who takes care of me when I need someone to lean on while I learn to walk on my own again.
  • Long conversations about anything and everything with my best friend. We talk every day and she keeps me inspired and strong.
  • Quiet roads to go jogging on and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Books to get lost in. I would fall apart without good literature to fall into on a regular basis. 
  • Hot coffee on cold mornings. I am always so thankful to have coffee in my life honestly. It's an instant pick me up.
What are you grateful for lately?



  1. This is lovely post Manda. I think it's important to be grateful for things in our life and you've chosen some great ones. Family and friends are really important plus I love a good book :) I'm grateful for the bit of sun we've been getting recently as it's really brightened my mood.
    Kate xx

    1. Thank you! I am grateful for the sunshine, too. It's currently streaming through the windows and even though it's still cold out I love the light and clear sky :)

  2. I am immensely grateful for talking to you everyday. You inspire me to wonderful things and really help me be a better writer and a better person, with realizations such as "Don't do that, that's not punk rock at all," and, "Its demons! Everything is demons!"

    The things I am grateful for is really just you, Aly, caffeine, my brain and its creativity madness, my cat, magick, nice incense, and more caffeine <3

    1. Mreeeoooow <3 And being grateful is totally punk rock. So are demons.

      I am also grateful for incense and your cat. Also my cat. Cats in general.

      I love you! xo


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