Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Unperceived Absence

Some of you may have heard of Hurricane Sandy, currently causing havoc in the east coast of the United States. It's doing a lot of damage and it's moving quickly. What does that mean my dearest followers?

I happen to live on the east coast and the storm is scheduled to hit my area tomorrow into Tuesday. I am really hoping that the effects aren't too terrible and any power outages don't go on for too long, but it's really hard to tell. I just thought I would let everyone know in case I disappear for a few days. 

Hopefully I can get a post about Samhain (Halloween!) up before Wednesday. I have it half written so keep checking back as I may have it finished and posted tonight. 

In the mean time we have stocked up on non perishable food, candles, and flashlights, and are ready for a few days hauled up in the house. My Monday classes were cancelled and I am anticipating spending the day curled up in comfy clothes with my notebooks and books.

To any of my fellow east coast-ians, stay safe! To everyone else, enjoy your next couple of days. I hope you have an excellent and spooky Halloween!

Lady Unlaced


  1. I'm in MD, we're getting a lot of it right now but it hasn't even really started. STAY SAFE!!!!

  2. Stay safe and cozy!
    Happy Samhain if we don't hear from ya


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