Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Magickal Properties of Moonstone

I already told you about why I love quartz so much so today I thought I would share with you one of my other favourite stones -Moonstone. As a MoonChild (cancer!) this stone is one I like to keep on me at almost all times. I have a necklace with a moonstone pendant that I made and wear several times a week. It's very calming stone for me.

There are a few different kinds of moonstone -Regular moonstone, Black, Peach, and Rainbow. Sometimes they go by different names but those are the ones I know them as.

5 Small/Medium Tumbled Moonstone
Regular, Peach & Black Moonstone: Buy here.
As you can imagine, this stone has a lot as far as lunar correspondences, which of course then links it to the night as well as water. It it used and worn for luck and health as well as helping to discover and unfold a psychic or spiritual journey. 

I use it for its soothing purposes as well as helping me balance all the ups and downs in my life. It's energy helps give reassurance and a sense of stability, especially when paired with another stone such as hematite. It is a great stone to keep in times of self reflection.

Rainbow Moonstone: Buy here.
It is also a very feminine stone (as the Moon is very feminine) so is great when trying to balance out more male energies. If you are someone looking to become a mother you might want to carry it around with your or place a piece on your altar to help send the universe a signal that you're ready for a child. Or just use it to help bring out a more nurturing side of yourself.

Note: If you are interested in a Moonstone pendant, shoot me a message and I can custom make one for you!

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  1. Joe's a cancer too!! My favorite sign (besides pisces cause that's what I am..) is cancer! That's rad..
    Surprisingly I have no moonstone.. But I've been wanting some for a long time cause it reminds me of Joe. I'm shooting you an email!!

  2. I keep a piece of moonstone right next to my bed, on my bedside drawers, so I get it's energy every night in my sleep. I find it really calming and nurturing.


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