Sunday, October 21, 2012


Things are in disarray again -our things are all over the house, stacked on top of each other and shoved into weird places. One of our roommates is moving out and on top of that we are changing rooms so that me and Mike have the bigger room. A bigger room will be nice, but in the meantime our apartment looks like a maze.

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Eli is having a grand time jumping up on everything and exploring. Right now he is running around behind the couch I am sitting on. Cats, you guys, they're so crazy.

How is everyone else's Sunday looking?

Lady Unlaced


  1. My apartment is always a mess. I always think "I wonder if I'll ever be a clean person with a constantly clean house"

  2. Disarray huh? Tis a good song, 'though not the best frame of mind. Eli's adorable and chaos in the household's a nice change, our start of change, no? :)

    1. I suppose, but I have so much school work to do that I really just want everything to settle down again


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