Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interior Inspirations

Honestly I'm not sure what number I'm on with these posts anymore. Oh well! 

With all the shuffling of furniture and rearranging I am even more inspired than usual (and usually I'm pretty inspired) to decorate and get creative with the space we have. We won't be in this apartment too much longer, but I would like to enjoy the space while I can. 

eclectic bedroom



thrifty decor

As always I am drawn to the idea of a colourful, bohemian getaway with lots of different textiles in fun patterns, rich colours, lots of books, and beautiful art.

What kinds of things does your dream home have in it?

Lady Unlaced


  1. I love all of these!!

    I want a boho-hippy feeling house so bad.
    When we lived in our old apartment I never decorated because it never felt like mine. Now I really need to start decorating our house...

    1. get going! haha I want to decorate and make the apartment a boho getaway for the winter months. Trying to surround myself with hapy things to ward off the winter depression x.x


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