Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soul Stirrings

I was thinking about my soul -the essence of my being- the other day and this is what came out of it. It started as a few random thoughts and I refined it a bit to make it sound nicer.

My soul rests inside my ribcage, somewhere between my heart and lungs, keeping time with the pulse of my blood.  If you were to pull my bones open it would burst forth from my chest, crystals and moons spilling out onto the floor. You would let my tigress escape, the wild woman who sleeps within me riding on her back. And my grief and love would pour out of me like ocean water, endless and deep.


White tiger by m|s on Flickr.
What does your soul look like?

Lady Unlaced


  1. holy shit. I absolutely love this. I tried to write about my soul one time. I wish it came out this beautiful!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, I love your writing <3

  3. lovely!

    my soul?
    open my cage and there you're exploded upon by a messy tangle of colour and dark flecks that sparkle if turned the right way.


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