Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Curious

I recently befriended another super-cool, earthy-pagan type like myself. What's even more rad is that she is also a blonde New Englander. A blonde east coast pagan who loves the feel of dirt in her toes as much as I do? Hell yes I can get behind that.

Aaanyways, she also runs an Etsy shop called Forest Gypsy Creations where she sells lots of fun jewelry made of bones, feathers, and pieces of leather, as well as curiousity collections in various glass jars and wooden boxes. I fell in love instantly and purchased a lovely jar filled with moss, bones, feathers, and crystals, as well as a small hand-drawn piece of pagan art. I got both in the mail recently and couldn't be more thrilled!

sorry about the terrible webcam photos, the camera needs new batteries and I am too lazy to go find some.

And because Anne is sooo nice, she also offered to trade with me so I could have a lovely pair of bones earrings that I had been coveting in return for a necklace from my shop. The earrings have yet to arrive but hopefully they will soon and I can share those as well.

In the meantime check out her shop and her tumblr page, which is also amazing.

Lady Unlaced

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