Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Transformation // A Poem

You may have noticed that I have been doing my "Wordy Wednesdays" I just haven't been calling them that. To continue on with it, here's a strange poem I wrote yesterday.

Transformation of a Something
I rise 
From ashes, or whatever
I feel like a beautiful metaphor
I'm just a girl waking up
But this girl doesn't have much
And standing on her own feels like heaven
And staring at the sky
Is an incredible relief
After being lost in the mud
I'm not taking anyone's hand
I am climbing out on my own
And only going into open arms
After finding my footing
It's a stunning transformation of soul
I am something
A wandering something
It doesn't matter to anyone but me
It's whatever, whatever
It feels like a majestic sunrise
It's just a white girl rolling off the right side of the bed
For once
Soon life will be filled with "onces"
Once I was cornered
Once I was so miserable I almost died
Once I had a mohawk
Moving on never felt so fucking refreshing
It's a small thing
It's the biggest thing I've ever done
Who is that in the mirror?
That's me
My face attached to my body
It's whatever
But I'm smiling
That's something.

Lady Unlaced


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