Thursday, November 8, 2012

Soul Stirrings: A Poem

A bit of writing.

Today my soul is on fire.
The flames started at my feet
And have licked their way up my body,
Wrapping around my heart.
My blood burns through me.
I am filled to the brim with energy.
Sparks fly from my fingertips.
I could burn down the world
And devour it in thick smoke.
But it is not in me to be so cruel;
My soul does not rise up to destroy.
It comforts and warms my mind.
I tame it to a more humble bonfire,
Steadily burning inside my chest.
It will scorch that which moves to wound me,
But light up those that I love.

Today my soul is on fire.
And I burn bright.

Lady Unlaced


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