Friday, November 30, 2012

November in Review

It has been a long and interesting month. My life has been shifting and soon I will be finished with college for the semester and moving away from this city. I am happy about that. It drains me to be here -the air is gross and the people are mostly creepy. I am sick of the sirens, the gunshots, the 2am fights, and my bathroom smelling of weed because of the downstairs neighbors. 

As for my November goals, I think I have done pretty well:

Stay on top of my school work.
Write something for the to submit to the school literary journal.
Update the shop.
Finish organizing the house.
Start researching dreadlocking!

Although I could definitely be working harder on staying on top of my classwork, I haven't fallen too far behind. Considering how much I have and how much I hate going to class recently, I think I'm doing pretty good.

I do have something to submit to the school literary journal and will probably be emailing it off to the editor today or tomorrow!

I updated the shop! (You should go check out what I have for sale)

I did not finish organizing the house -I did some of it, but seeing as we are all leaving soon it seemed silly to waste too much effort in it.

And I did indeed start to research dreadlocking and as of today I haven't brushed my hair in almost a month!

Not too shabby. Check back tomorrow for my December Goals :)

Lady Unlaced

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